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Tropical Water Lilies

The drawing is from Tricker’s 1941 Catalog...and Tricker customer’s still expect and receive the BEST!

Tricker's Tropical Water Lilies are the beauty and producers of aromatic flowers of the water garden. They hold their flowers high in the air and have wonderful aromas, most desired by the water gardener! Tropical water lilies are found in all colors of the rainbow, especially the "Blue" and "Purple" flowered varieties not found in the hardy water lily category! They just keep blooming and producing a multitude of flowers until frost in the northern climates when the hardy water lilies have stopped blooming and have prepared for dormancy. Many of the Tropical Water Lilies were hybridized here at historic William Tricker, Inc. Enjoy the tropical water lilies, a specialty that has so long served Tricker’s!

Tricker's Tropical Water Lilies are 'Proven' hybrids that have lasted decades of beauty. Tricker's has included, in many photographs, the date of introduction. It is these water lilies that you can witness the beauty that many Tricker customers have witnessed for deacades. Enjoy THE Tricker water lilies that we have been shipping for decades!
This Tropical Water Lily Preview Video shows Tricker's and the wonderful world of Tropical Water Lilies. Some scenes are from our DVD Introduction to Water Gardening. Purchase entire DVD CLICK HERE

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