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Non-Kink Water Garden Tubing
Non-Kink Water Garden Tubing. Using the correct grade of tubing is important. Tricker's non-kink tubing is the BEST tubing for water garden features! It can be bent without kinking and strong enough to be buried without collapsing... click here to read more
Clear Vinyl Rubber Tubing
Clear Vinyl Rubber Tubing. Economical tubing to go from your pump to your waterfall, statues, etc. Our 1/2" internal diameter tubing slides directly onto our tubing pump adapters and is clear to monitor the flow of water... click here to read more

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T-Fitting. This black fitting will allow you to split the water flow from our tubing in two directions.
Straight Connector
Straight Connector. Connects two pieces of tubing together.
Reducing Union
Special adaptor that fits two different tubing together.
Y-Connector: Better than a T-Fitting for water flow, can split water into two directions and has 3 removable click fittings! Tubing can be removed easily! PT-678 can be used with tubing 1.25”, 1”, or 3/4”... click here to read more
Multi-Hose Adaptors
Multi-Hose Adaptors. Special adapter will attach directly to any hose or tubing 1/4" to 1" or 3/4" to 1.5". Excellent for coupling tubing together of different sizes... click here to read more
Garden Hose Adaptors
Garden Hose Adaptors. Attach your garden hose to your Little Giant Pump with these adapters to drain your pool or other needs. Adapters screw directly onto the pump outlet size on your Little Giant Pump... click here to read more
Tubing Clamps
Tubing Clamps. These stainless steel clamps are used to give a water tight fit for any tubing. Recommended to use for a water tight pressure seal especially with all high volume 1-1/4" or 1-1/2" tubing.
Water Restrictor Clamp
Water Restrictor Clamp. A clamp that will control the water flow in clear 1/2 inch vinyl rubber tubing. Attaches at any location on the rubber tubing.

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