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UV Sterlizer - Emperor Aquatics

Professional UV Sterlizers: GUARANTEED

The Emperor Aquatics UV Lite Sterilizers are perhaps the best on the market. Tricker's has been selling these UV Sterilizers for years and highly recommends for the water gardener or fish keeper. They are selected not only to kill algae but pathogenic bacteria and protozoans.

Note: If you are unsure of your investment please call or email and discuss your purchase for the setup that meets your needs.

UV Sterlizer - Emperor Aquatics - Items

Ponds up to 5900 Gallons - Emperor 80 Watt UV Sterilizer
Emperor 80 WATT UV Lite Sterilizer. For ponds up to 5900 gallons. Recommended to use with a pump from 1178 gallons per hour to 1967 gph (return to home page and click on pumps). Size: 44.75" x 14". Has a 1 1/2" union.

$660.48 ea.

Magnetic Water Clarifer
If you have an UV device or are buying one, this powerful magnetic clarifier is a must! This special Magnetic Water Clarifier will improve the UV clarifiers performance and longevity, by reducing the formation of salts on the quartz sleeve.

$29.90 ea.

Emperor Spare UV Bulb Replacements
The following bulbs are for the Emperor UV Sterilizers. Choose the wattage you require. If in doubt, please call 1-800-524-3492.
Emperor Aquatics UV Quartz Sleeves
These quartz sleeves are for the Emperor Aquatics UV. They are used to protect the lamp and increases UV. Isolates electrical hardware and lamp from water.