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Tricker's 2020 Tricker Water Garden Catalog Click HERE . (Shop by using catalog numbers on internet). Sign up for the 2020 Spring catalog or want a great PREVIEW the entire Tricker Catalog Click HERE
Summer is Here, Order TODAY! Continue to make your water garden pool a REAL showcase THIS YEAR! Aquatics transplant rapidly in Summer!
1. Do NOT let the ALGAE GROW: Now is the time to add the "GOOD" bacteria to your water garden pool to control ALGAE! And, if algae is growing...we have the solutions! ENJOY your water garden pool without the hassel of ALGAE!
Prevent ALGAE and purify your water during Summer! As the temperatures stay high throughout the US now is the time to respond! Check out our solutions to ALGAE...and if in doubt call, we are here with you ALL summer long! ENJOY! CLICK HERE To see our Algae Solutions!
2. DO YOU have the "Iridescent Water Lily" in your water garden? The image below is from 1914 in a popular Garden Magazine and was to show the iridescent flower of FRANK TRELEASE water lily! TODAY in it still glows!

FACT: For over 110 years a water lily that has brought beauty to water gardens is FRANK TRELEASE!

Spectacular beauty from the water garden is our main goal! Tricker customers know that the water lilies, both hardy and tropical, close in the late afternoon and open late in the morning. BUT, the night blooming class of water lilies opens late afternoon and stays open late in the morning...a working man's water lily! Grow both day and night blooming water lilies to get 24 hours of blooms!

The above image circa1914 is the gorgeous FRANK TRELEASE night blooming water lily that has always been referred to as the "iridescent water lily" and if you grow one we are positive you will agree! Witness this spectacular flower beauty that has been enjoyed for over 110 years. Click HERE to Read about Frank Trelease water lily.

3. Fish Food: Why pay more? Tricker's feed thousands of fish daily! Feed your your fish at LOW prices!

WHY Pay More? Flake and Floating Fish Foods at Fish Hatchery Prices!

Floating Pellets or Flakes...Purchase at LOW PRICES! Click on Images
Click on EACH Photograph to SEE 50% OFF Prices..Floating Pellets or Flakes!
4. Aeration Kits. Prepare for Spring into Summer with aeration! The aeration of any pond is one of the best water conditioner that can be done!
Aeration is vital to establishing water quality. Consider adding a constant supply of air to your water garden pool all year. The aeration is very important and keeps your water healthy. Your good bacteria uses it and will keep your pool clean! And in the winter, it will help keep the ice under control. TWO types to select from Click HERE
Summer, Fall, Winter and Spring...enhance your water quality with an Aerator (see below for more information and to order)! 2 types to select Click here to read about Tricker's Air Pumps for your Water Garden Pool!
5. Vallisneria. Do you want to see a spectacular oxygenator not only in an aquarium but in Nature? Click on the Video. Add to your Water Garden Pool or aquarium!
Vallisneria. Richard Lee, biologist and owner of Wm Tricker, Inc.®, took the video of our native Vallisneria in one of our local rivers here in Ohio and would like to share this video with you. The video shows one of the MOST Amazing and soothing sights in Nature: Vallisneria and a River in harmony. Walter Pagels, prominent world aquatic specialist from California, also enjoyed this video and commented that this video is a most wonderful display of Vallisneria in Nature. He also agreed that every water garden pool should have Vallisneria!
Order Vallisneria. Click HERE and THANK YOU! Grown in Tricker's Aquatic Greenhouses!
Why do you not commonly see Vallisneria in Nature as shown in the video? Tricker's newsletter in 2020 will discuss this very topic. Hope you became a water garden customer this year and will enjoy reading about this spectacular plant! [The location of plants in the video is concealed, never harvest plants from nature]
6. Want a group of oxygenating plants that will make any Aquarium or Water Garden pool attractive and pure? You found it! MOST POPULAR COLLECTION!
This COST SAVINGS collection of 5 oxygenating plants will make any Aquarium or Water Garden pool clean and pure. The fish love to swim among these plants, just click on the video. Order the 5 Video Plants in a special collection. See below or Click HERE to order all 5 plants at a discount! Or enter our store and select your own.
Tricker's MOST Popular and Cost Savings Collection
7. Water Gardening Pool Side? Relax, with a "spot" of tea with special HONEY...Where do you get special honey? Tricker's honey is special, just view the video...and Enjoy!
So you want to see the life of bees and your water garden pool? Watch the honey BEES visiting the fruits of your labor. Click on the video and you will see Tricker's video on Honey Bees and Aquatics. Read more about Tricker's special "raw" HONEY! To order and read about Tricker's special honey CLICK HERE.
GREAT Gift: Honey lovers know that honey is valued from the BEES sources, try honey from Tricker's historic water gardens!
Aquarium Customers: Visit our on line aquarium store and get free shipping on all aquarium supplies! Also, ask about our Fish Club Membership...join today and get discounts all YEAR!
Check back weekly for other sales! We are only a CLICK away! Want to see more VIDEOS...Click HERE
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Tricker's Honey
This honey is direct honey from the hive. Honey bees have been pollinating our aquatics for decades. The taste is beyond compare…try some today or give this special Tricker honey as a gift to a honey lover... click here to read more
Tricker's Flake Fish Food
Superior quality ingredients are scientifically formulated for complete and balanced nutrition that floats on the water. Excellent for Goldfish, Koi and other cold water fish... click here to read more
Jungle Vallisneria - Oxygenating Plant
The Jungle Vallisneria is a native, perennial excellent oxygenator that is much larger and has wider leaves than Vallisneria spiralis. The leaves can grow to around 2 feet in length.
Video 5 Oxygenating Plants Collection
Video 5 Oxygenating Plant Collection. Here is a collection of 5 Oxygenating Plants that are shown in our Tricker Video If you did not view the video click on product and read more... click here to read more

Today's Sale: $24.95

Reg: $27.90

Save: 11%

Tricker's Floating Fish Food
Superior quality ingredients are scientifically formulated for complete and balanced nutrition that floats on the water. An excellent formulation of fish food that will float during feeding. Often used to train fish to come to the surface to feed... click here to read more
Frank Trelease - Night Blooming Lily
Frank Trelease. Introduced in 1900 by James Gurney at Tower Grove Park in St. Louis, Missouri. Petals are a glowing crimson color with blossoms often eight to ten inches in size. Stamens are dark reddish brown... click here to read more

Today's Sale: $23.50

Reg: $35.50

Save: 34%