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William Tricker, Inc.® is proudly listed in the National Register of Historic Places, U.S. Department of the Interior, National Park Service.
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White Flowered Tropical Water Lilies

Many White Flowered tropical water lilies were developed at Tricker's and are proven hybrids that have endured with decades of beauty! This is a special color of flower that is not found in the hardy varieties. Other varieties are developed from noted hybridizers and have also adorned water garden pools for decades!
After selecting your water lilies do not forget the Special Planting Crates (tap here) and Tricker's proven Aquatic Fertilizer (tap here) to achieve the descriptive flowers and BEST growth!

White Flowered Tropical Water Lilies Selections

Alice Tricker - Tricker Water Lily Hybrid
'Alice Tricker' water lily has been a leading white flowered hybrid which replace 'Mrs George Pring' in 1939. The water lily was developed at William Tricker, Inc. read more...

Reg: $29.95

Today's Sale: $23.75

Save: 21%

Janice - Tricker Water Lily Hybrid
'Janice' water lily was introduced in 1928 at William Tricker, Inc.® by hybridizer and author Robert Sawyer. read more...

$25.50 ea.

Isabelle Pring - Tropical Water Lily
Isabelle Pring was introduced by the famous hybridizer of the Missouri Botanical Garden's George Pring in 1941. Isabelle Pring is a beautiful pure white viviparous hybrid named in honor of his daughter. read more...

$25.50 ea.

Snow White Water Lily - Tricker Hybrid
A William Tricker, Inc.® exclusive hybrid that is introduced in 2019. What makes this special is the large pure white multi-petaled flowers. The green pads contrast to the pure white petals and yellow center . read more...

$29.99 ea.

Mrs. George Pring - Water Lily
Mrs. George Pring. Introduced by hybridizer of the Missouri Botanical Garden, George Pring and was awarded the silver medal in 1922 by the Society of American Florists. The aromatic flowers are held high on stiff peduncles and can be quite large. read more...

$23.20 ea.

White Delight - Water Lily
White Delight is a creamy white water lily of average size. Occasionally shows a light pink on the petal tips later in the year. An unusual variety of water lily. The leaves are slightly specked and attractive.

$29.99 ea.

Ted Uber - Water Lily
'Ted Uber' water lily was produced by famous hybridizer Martin Randig of California. Blossoms are medium to large size, fragrant, white with canary yellow centers. The petals are rounded. The plants do well in either small or large pools.

$24.50 ea.

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