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Yellow Flowered Hardy Lilies

Tricker's has a wonderful assortment of Yellow Flowered Hardy Water Lilies that are have endured many decades of beauty. Many are from the famous hybridizer M. Marliac, the French hybrizier that produced some of the most beautiful hybrids today and have never been matched! They can all withstand sub zero winters under ice and snow cover and are wonderful varieties that just grow and bloom profusely. In warm climates they just burst into bloom! Enjoy a hybrid that Tricker customers have been growing for decades!
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Yellow Flowered Hardy Lilies - Items

Chromatella- Hardy Water Lily
Chromatella. One of the best yellow varieties. This world famous Marliac hybrid received the Award of Merit by the Royal Horticultural Society in 1895 and is considered one of the oldest and most dependable hardy water lily today... click here to read more

$29.90 ea.

Charlene Strawn - Hardy Water Lily
Charlene Strawn. This lovely yellow hardy water lily was developed by Dr. Kirk Strawn of Texas A&M in 1969 and named after his wife. Unlike most other hardy blossoms, this lily holds its flowers high above the water surface... click here to read more

Today's Sale: $23.50

Reg: $26.50

Save: 12%

Sunrise - Hardy Water Lily
Sunrise. A glorious yellow variety introduced in the early 1930s that opens very early in the morning, hence its name. Blossoms are huge, canary colored, fragrant, carried well above the water, with long, narrow curved petals... click here to read more

$28.50 ea.

Sulphurea - Hardy Water Lily
Sulphurea. A late 1800 from the world famous hybridizer Marliac. The sulphur yellow flowers are slightly held above the water surface. The blossoms are superbly contrasted against the lightly mottled leaves... click here to read more

$24.50 ea.