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Free Shipping. Laguna 315 Watt Pond Heater

Free Shipping.  Laguna 315 Watt Pond Heater
Free Shipping.  Laguna 315 Watt Pond Heater
Free Shipping.  Laguna 315 Watt Pond Heater

Free Shipping.  Laguna 315 Watt Pond Heater.  A Laguna Heater De-Icer for ponds that will maintain a vent hole in the ice at the pond surface for proper exchange of gases. Uses only a total of 315 watts. Two unique features that Tricker's feels are outstanding and superior when compared to other pool heaters and de-icers!
1. Has a LED light that glows when de-icer is on!
2. Includes a 15 Watt heating element that MELTS snow on contact.

If you have snow, the snow will typically cover other pond heaters or de-icers. No need to run out in the the middle of winter and uncover the build up of snow. Also, this heater also has a light that glows and will tell you that it is working.

The unit has a thermostatically controlled safety feature that will automatically turn off the heating element when the core unit reaches 34 degrees C or 93 degrees F. This unit also has a safety shut off within 90 seconds if the unit is out of the water. Safe for plastic and liner ponds, will not harm fish and plants. 22 ft electrical cord with grounded plug. 120 V, 60HZ, 315 Watt. 7" dia x 2.5" high

Also, two important options to consider: 1. In climates with severe winter conditions the use of a Aerator Pump or Kit (can be added below) is recommended in conjunction with the surface de-icer. Tricker's offers 2 types of air pumps (read about each pump described below or CLICK HERE). 2. Use of the manufacturer correct Ground Fault Circuit Interruptor (GFCI) can be added. GFCI should always be used with any electrical items around the water garden pool. If unsure, please call to discuss this safety.

Note: This heater should not be confused with the older 200 watt discontinued style heater by Laguna.

NOTEThis pond heater, over 200 Watts,  is recommended by Tricker's in the Northern winter climates at latitudes of Chicago, Cleveland, and New York where ice can build up.


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Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter - GFCI*

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