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AirWhist 100 Aquarium Air Pump

140 AirWhist 100 Aquarium Air Pump
AirWhist 100 Aquarium Air Pump

Item #: 60-4120

Model AW100: You want air, not hassles with air pumps! One of the BEST air pumps in the industry. For fish bowls and aquariums up to 5 gallons. Provides enough air power to run one fish bowl filter or one airstone or a small air-driven action ornament. Tricker's BEST selling air pump for an aquarium.

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Each: $13.86

AirWhist Aquarium Pumps: Tricker's is a direct distributor of this superior aquarium pump and provides COST savings!
AirWhist pumps are familiar to hobbyists and professionals alike. Ingenious design, superb craftsmanship and top-quality materials. The finest and most reliable pump on the market today.
AirWhist pumps feature: Recessed air outlets. Quiet-Flex™ flapper valves - extremely durable SILICONE valves that help to prevent loss of air flow. Lifetime limited warranty. Simply, these are one of the BEST air pumps on the market for aquariums!
Tricker's recommends this air pump because for years we have been selling them to our satisfied customers!