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Anacharis - Best Oxygenating Plant

Anacharis - Best Oxygenating Plant
Anacharis - Best Oxygenating Plant
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Anacharis (Elodea). One of the finest oxygenating plants that form a dense mass of foliage invaluable for goldfish spawning and shelter for small fry. They have dark green curved lance-like leaflets on long branching stems. They produce tiny floating white flowers on trailing threadlike stalks. One of the BEST producing oxygenators! Produces pure oxygen! Easy to grow and reproduces rapidly throughout the growing season. All water garden pools and aquariums should have this valuable plant.    Native and hardy in the United States.

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1 Bunch - Anacharis # 10-5105
ONLY $2.85
3 Bunches - Anacharis # 10-5158
ONLY $7.50
1 Dozen - Anacharis # 10-5106
ONLY $21.50

Anacharis is one of the best oxygenators and should be used in water garden pools and aquariums.