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Anacharis - Best Oxygenating Plant

Anacharis - Best Oxygenating Plant
Anacharis - Best Oxygenating Plant
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Anacharis (Elodea) is undisputably one of the finest oxygenating plants. It forms a dense mass of foliage invaluable for goldfish spawning and shelter for small fry.

Their dark green curved lance-like leaflets on long branching stems surround the tiny floating white flowers growing on trailing threadlike stalks.

They are one of the top producing oxygenators out there! Anacharis is easy to grow and reproduces rapidly throughout the growing season. All water garden pools and aquariums should have this valuable plant that is native and hardy in the United States.

View this video and see the fish swimming through a few popular selected oxygenating plants. You have to agree that they are "happy" fish. This is the WORLD under the water in your Water Garden Pool or Aquarium! ENJOY the view!

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Tricker's supplies a true assortment of the important oxygenating plants fresh from our Historic Greenhouses. Find out which variety grows BEST in your water garden pool and they are truly GUARANTEED!