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Video 5 Oxygenating Plants Collection

140 Video 5 Oxygenating Plants Collection
Video 5 Oxygenating Plants Collection

Item #: 10-6105

Video 5 Oxygenating Plant Collection. Here is a very popular collection of 5 Oxygenating Plants that are shown in our Tricker Video (If you did not view the video see TAB below).You will receive 5 great oxygenators, Anacharis, Hornwort, Water Wistseria, Red Rotala, and Vallisneria. These five plants make a wonderful display and will help purify the water. Read about each individual characteristic, but you will agree that these make a wonderful choice for either a water garden pool or aquarium.
On Sale: $28.95
Regular: $30.40
Today's Savings: 5%

View this video and see the fish swimming through a few popular selected oxygenating plants. You have to agree that they are "happy" fish. This is the WORLD under the water in your Water Garden Pool or Aquarium! ENJOY the view!

If you want these exact 5 plants with cost savings, order above.

Tricker's supplies a true assortment of the important oxygenating plants fresh from our Historic Greenhouses. Find out which variety grows BEST in your water garden pool and they are truly GUARANTEED!