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Water lily icon Anacharis Oxygenating Plant

Anacharis Oxygenating Plant
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Botanical Name: Elodea

Native to the U.S., Anacharis is undisputably one of the finest oxygenating plants. It forms a dense mass of foliage invaluable for goldfish spawning and shelter for small fry.

Their dark green curved lance-like leaflets on long branching stems surround the tiny floating white flowers growing on trailing threadlike stalks.

This aquatic plant is easy to grow and reproduces rapidly throughout the growing season. It's suited for outdoor water garden ponds and aquariums.

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Watch happy fish swimming through a few popular selected oxygenating plants. This is their underwater world like in your water garden pond or aquarium. Enjoy the view!

Tricker's supplies an assortment of the important oxygenating plants fresh from our greenhouses in the National Historic District.