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Aquarium UltraClear Dechlorinator 4 oz

Aquarium UltraClear Dechlorinator 4 oz
Aquarium UltraClear Dechlorinator 4 oz
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Aquarium Ultra Clear DeChlorinator.   Conditions and Detoxifies the Water. Excellent conditioner for aquarium fish that will remove any chlorine and chloramine that may be in the City water and promotes essential slime coat on the fish to protect gills, detoxifies heavy metals, and reduces long term nitrate build up. Well water may have more metals or too much hardness.  Use one capful (5 cc) for every 20 gallons of water. Works in fresh or salt water conditions. Safe for all fish and wildlife. Use EVERY 30 to 60 days to protect fish gills and prevent nitrate buildup.

Each: $7.75

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