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'Attraction' Hardy Water Lily

'Attraction' Hardy Water Lily
'Attraction' Hardy Water Lily
'Attraction' Hardy Water Lily
'Attraction' Hardy Water Lily
'Attraction' Hardy Water Lily
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Botanical Name: Nymphea 'Attraction'

Item #: 10-3003

The Nymphea 'Attraction' water lily was hybridized in 1910 by M. Marliac, one of the most popular hardy water lily hybridizers in history.

There are many varieties of the 'Attraction' water lily. Customers loved the Attraction because of the beauty that it brings to the pond.

The perennial 'Attraction' has one of the largest blossoms of all the hardy water lilies. It received an Award of Merit by the Royal Horticulture Society.

Appearance. The glowing red flowers are surrounded by rose-tipped, white-flecked petals. The flowers become deeper red in color and more striking with age. The stamens are of a rich mahogany tipped yellow and sepals are white wit tracing of rose.

Benefits. The leaves offer a landing pad for bees seeking water. The pads provide shelter for your aquatic life. Algal growth can be inhibited by the shade from the lily pads.

Growing Conditions. Full sunlight (over 6 hrs) or partial shade (sun 2-6 hrs). Acidic loam or silt soil less than pH 6. Standing water, not flowing or moving water. Needs 3-6' space for growth.

Size: Flowers may grow to be greater than 6" in diameter with 7-20 petals. The pads are 10"-12".

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Plant Containers

Plant containers with handles to make it easier to adjust the position in your pond.

Pea Gravel

Pea gravel will cover your soil to help keep the soil intact and from fish from disrupting it.

Fertilizer Planting Collection 1

Praefecta: Mix 1/4 lb in 1 cubic foot soil. Repeat about every month.
Pellets are inserted near the roots during the growing season.
AMT (Aquatic Mineral Transport): Use 2 cups for 1/2 cubic foot of soil if it lacks clay.

Praefecta Plant Nutrient

Mix 1/4 lb with 1 cubic foot of soil. Repeat about four weeks.

Trico Pellets

Trico stimulates growth of flowers. Insert near the roots. Use monthly during the grwoing season.

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In the later 1920s and 1930s Tricker delivered aquatics locally via trucks to customers. This practice is still done today in newer vehicles.

William Tricker, Inc.® is a leading grower of aquatic plants and supplier of water garden products and aquarium supplies. Our aquatic greenhouses have produced superior plants for over a century. Customers have been receiving quality water plants and animals, some free, that make water gardening easy and fun to do. Purchase with confidence at Tricker's.

William Tricker (1853-1916) started commercial water lily culture in the United States in the late 1800's. He began experimenting in hybridizing water lilies and what helps their growth. The shape, colors and hardiness of his beautiful aquatic plants has withstood the test of time.

In the early 1890's, hybridization of water lilies gave him a reputation as a leader in aquatic plants. He established a water lily nursery and company in both Ohio and Pennsylvania that were passed down to his family until the 1980's when Richard Lee purchased the Ohio company. In 1892, the first William Tricker catalog was mailed to customers across the nation.

Read more about William Tricker and the historic water lily nursery here.