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Ultra Clear Barley Straw Pellets - BEST Biological

UltraClear Barley Straw Pellets - BEST Biological offer a safe, effective, natural way to treat ponds for clarity and can be safely used with all other UltraClear products. The pellets are cleaner and easier to use than the bales (and requires a lot less space than the unsightly bales). UltraClear Barley Pellets are 100% safe for fish, birds and plants.

UltraClear Barley Pellets are fortified with humic acid prior to the pelletizing process. Humic acid enhances water quality, water softening and balances out the effects of phosphate in the pond water.

The slow decay of the barley pellets produce essential, beneficial bacteria that helps maintain clarity in the pond. The optimized pellet size offers maximum surface area for controlled decay. It is not a chemical. UltraClear Barley Pellets can be used during spring, summer and fall.

One pound treats 1000 gallons every 4 weeks. Sprinkle throughout the pond or place pellets in media bag (ordered as an option) for placement in pond. Treat monthly during the season for best results.

Item Options

*Required: UltraClear Barley Pellets

Excellent to keep the water clear.

UltraClear Barley Pellets - 1 pound
UltraClear Barley Pellets - 5 pounds

*Required: Media Bag for Barley Pellets

A media bag to place barley pellets into and set into the water garden pool.

No Optional Media Bag
Optional Barley Pellet Media Bag

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