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Blue Beauty - Tricker Water Lily Hybrid


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Blue Beauty - Tricker Water Lily Hybrid
Blue Beauty - Tricker Water Lily Hybrid
Blue Beauty - Tricker Water Lily Hybrid
Blue Beauty - Tricker Water Lily Hybrid
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Item #: 10-1002

'Blue Beauty' water lily is our most popular water lily and in high demand. See and read about Blue Beauty displayed in our Tricker catalogs from the 1930s (See below). This special hybrid developed by our founder William Tricker in 1896 under the original name 'beautiful water lily", a very appropriate name for such a beautiful blue flowered water lily! The blossoms are blue, have a spicy fragrance, and stand six to eight inches above the water surface. Leaves are dark green slightly speckled with brown above and beneath. Margins are wavy with lobes long and tapering. In spite of its potential size, the water lily does well in tub gardens or small pools. Without a doubt it stands out as one of the most desired and popular water lilies of all time and continues to be admired by all.

Here is a page from the 1932 William Tricker, Inc.® Catalog. It shows, in the bottom left hand corner, William Tricker's Blue Beauty.
Blue Beauty's description in the Tricker 1932 catalog: In color this variety seems to reflect the blue of the summer sky, with stamens marking gold lines over the petals. The flowers are larger than most of the tropical lilies, and come freely and continuously all summer. A collection without Blue Beauty will certainly lack one of the best day blooming varieties.
This is the Tricker's Blue Beauty that you will receive from William Tricker, Inc.® Note the beauty of the buds were also captured in the display!
Tricker's 1935 Catalog shows a pool with Blue Beauty
The water garden pool shown above was displayed in Tricker's 1935 catalog. It was shown to offer a collection of water lilies that would bloom for 24 hours! Since water lilies typically close in the afternoon, the choice of a night bloomer was important. The water lilies in the drawing are Blue Beauty (blue blossoms at the top), the red flowered night bloomer Emily Grant Hutchings (center), and Chromatella (hardy yellow flowered).
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