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Caerulea - Blue Lotus of the Nile

Caerulea - Blue Lotus of the Nile
Caerulea - Blue Lotus of the Nile
Caerulea - Blue Lotus of the Nile
Caerulea - Blue Lotus of the Nile
Caerulea - Blue Lotus of the Nile
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Caerulea, Blue Lotus of the Nile is one of the most desired water lilies of all time and a real treat to grow! This is the famous water lily that was held sacred by the Egyptians. The water lily has been used for over 100 years as a parent of many popular Tricker hybrids, for example the wonderful and outstanding 1896 Blue Beauty Water Lily! The Egyptian tombs were found with preserved water lilies that are over 4000 years old. Water lily wreaths made with the sky-blue Caerulea flower, which has narrow and pointed petals (image shown in our book 1101 Water Garden Questions and Answers), and also were found in tombs on the breast of the mummies as well as the sarcophagus was quite packed with these flowers. The water lily was considered a sacred plant. In mythology, the Egyptians believed that the water lily was at the creation of the world and had risen from primal waters. The ancient Egyptian god Nefer Tum was depicted in paintings and shown with the Caerulea water lily on his head pointed towards the heavens. This was figured by some to be a man crowned with an upspringing Caerulea flower, a symbol of resurrection and his power to grant continuous life in the world to come. Others believe that the flower was a symbol of healing, perfume, good fortune and beauty. What ever the interpretation, once you grow this water lily you will never forget its beauty. After you grow the water lily you will now have an opportunity to smell the haunting, beautiful aroma found in the flowers that were witnessed over 4000 years ago. Note in the additional image (click on more images) shows a carving from the tomb of Ramose with the ancient Egyptians holding and wearing the flowers of Caerulea. This depiction is not uncommonly found in the carvings of the tombs of Egypt. If you have the opportunity to see carvings of the ancient tombs of Egypt, after you grow one in your water garden pool, you will now be able to “see” Caerulea, it is that distinct and outstanding. The water lily, which is often misrepresented or misidentified on the internet, is of a sky-blue color on the very pointed tips and fades to a white towards the center. This color pattern makes the petals appear glowing. The star shaped symmetrical petals, when viewed from the top, are gorgeous. And, the aroma is wonderful, as clearly recognized by the ancient Egyptians. The water lily is just spectacular and you will have to grow and one to really appreciate the beauty that has endued for over 4000 years!
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