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Clear Pond Collections - Ultra Clear/Sludge Digester/SST

140 Clear Pond Collections - Ultra Clear/Sludge Digester/SST
Clear Pond Collections - Ultra Clear/Sludge Digester/SST

Clear Pond Collection: UltraClear, SST and Sludge Digester. After reading the individual descriptions of the clear water Ultra Clear products, we know all three products are a must for all water gardeners to keep their water garden pool biologically clear and healthy! Ultra Clear will keep your pond biologically clear and healthy though out the year, Ultra Clear SST is the super strength biological concentrated blended agent, and Sludge Digester biologically works on the accumulation of sludge. All three making your water garden pool clean and healthy. Therefore, here is a collection of all 3 Ultra Clear products at a reduced price! What a great way to save money and receive the benefits of all three biological agents.

Collection 1 consists of 1 bottle each of: Ultra Clear (32 ounces), Sludge Digester (32 ounces) and Ultra Clear SST (12 ounces).

Collection 2 you will receive 1 bottle each of: Ultra Clear (1 Gallon), Sludge Digester (1 Gallon) and Ultra Clear SST (32 ounces).

All three products are compatible when used together!

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*Required: Clear Pond Collections

Collection 1: 32 oz Clarifier, 32 oz Sludge Digester and 12 oz SST
ONLY $51.90
Collection 2: 1 gal Clarifier, 1 gal Sludge Digester and 32 oz SST
ONLY $141.90

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