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Historical Water Gardens
William Tricker, Inc.ģ is proudly listed in the National Register of Historic Places, U.S. Department of the Interior, National Park Service.
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Complete Aquatic Collection A-3

Complete Aquatic Collection A-3

Complete Aquatic Collection A-3. Your will receive aquatic plants for a rectangular pool 10 x 12 feet to 10 x 15 feet. This collection includes some of the finest water lilies and you can choose either Tropical or Hardy:

Water Lilies: The finest selection of 5 Tropical Water Lilies are: 'Blue Beauty' (blue flowers, A), 'Trail Blazer' (yellow flowers, E), 'Director Moore' (purple flowers, C), 'Emily Grant Hutchings' (night bloomer with red flowers, B) and 'Alice Tricker' (pure white flowers, D) OR the excellent selection of 5 Hardy Water Lilies: 'Gloriosa' (glorious red flowers, H),'Marliac White' (pure white flowers, F), 'Comanche' (changing flowers from apricot to yellow, G), 'Rose Arey' (pink flowers, J) and 'Chromatella' (yellow flowers, I).

Aquatic Plants: After selection of the water lilies, you will recieve 36 aquatic plants made of 18 shallow water plants, 12 oxygenators and 6 floating plants selected by our greenhouse growing staff to bring beauty to any water garden pool. If planting containers or crates are needed, select from the A-3 Collection described below.

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Complete Plant Collection A-3*

Optional Crates for Collection A-3*

Optional: You can add the planting crates: 5 large crates or 5 medium tubs (lilies), 18 medium crates (bog plants) and 6 small crates (oxygenators). All at a reduced special collective price over individual prices. These crates are designed for aquatics to give excellent growth. Specially offered for the A-2 Complete Plant Collection described above.

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