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Daphnia - Live Fish Food

Daphnia - Live Fish Food
Daphnia - Live Fish Food
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Daphnia. Live fish foods are considered to be one of the most valuable of foods for all fish. Fish hobbiest have known the true value of Daphnia and other infusoria for decades. Daphnia are small (the size of a flea) crustaceans that typically live in the bottom of ponds. They feed on algae and are known to reduce algae in the water garden pool. Fish are very fond of Daphnia, they have a jerking motion that attracts the fish to consume them rapidly. Aquarium keepers are most familiar with Daphnia and often watch them being consumed by the fish through the glass. You will receive Daphnia with other live infusoria that will be enjoyed by your fish. Just pour the critters into your water garden pool or aquarium. If you are an aquarium keeper and never have fed Daphnia you will fall in love with the fish's reaction. This is a special food treat for all fish! We use them in our fish hatchery and the fish love them!  Also, a great for use in biology laboratories in universities and schools for classical experiments and observations.

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