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Standing Order Daphnia and Duckweed - Live Fish Food

140 Standing Order Daphnia and Duckweed - Live Fish Food
Standing Order Daphnia and Duckweed - Live Fish Food

Standing Order of either Daphnia, Duckweed or Both at a Discounted Over Regular Prices. You will receive the live fish food each week or every other week (bi-weekly) as selected below. Your credit card will be charged only when each order is sent. Minimum order is at least 3 shipments to be considered a "standing order". All orders are considered "open", that is, with the first shipping beginning upon order placement and continuing until October. If you do not want an "open order", then indicate in the message portion when placing the order on how many weeks desired and when to end. Below price is the amount you will be charged per selected weekly or biweekly shipments and the shipping and handling will be added to each order. You can cancel at any time via email or calling. Your fish and you will enjoy the routine feeding of fresh LIVE FISH foods! 

Item Options

*Required: Standing Order (SO) Daphnia/Duckweed

The following choices can allow you to select the live fish foods delivered to your fish weekly or bi-weekly. You will receive a discounted SO Price (Standing Order Price) over the regular price.
1 Portion Duckweed Only # 10-8084


Reg $6
2 Portions Duckweed Only # 10-8085


Reg $10
4 oz Daphnia Only # 10-8082


Reg $10
8 oz Daphnia Only # 10-8083

TODAY'S SALE: $13.75

Reg $16
4 oz Daphnia and 1 Portion Duckweed # 10-8086

TODAY'S SALE: $12.79

Reg $16
8 oz Daphnia and 2 Portions Duckweed # 10-808

TODAY'S SALE: $20.70

Reg $26

*Required: Weekly or Bi-Weekly

Bi-Weekly (Every other Week)

*Required: Request: End of Season or Minimum Order

Your standing order will begin and either end at the end of our shipping season in Fall or you can request the minimum 3 shipments. If want a specific number of shipments beyond 10, indicate in the comment section when checking out.

End of Season
Minimum 3 Shipments
4 Shipments
5 Shipments
6 Shipments
7 Shipments
8 Shipments
9 Shipments
10 Shipments