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Historical Water Gardens
William Tricker, Inc.ģ is proudly listed in the National Register of Historic Places, U.S. Department of the Interior, National Park Service.
Ohio Farm Bureau
Member and active supporter of the Ohio Farm Bureau.

Tricker's Introduction to Water Gardening - DVD

Tricker's Introduction to Water Gardening - DVD

Tricker's Introduction to Water Gardening DVD. This DVD covers a live tour through one of Tricker's historic greenhouses showing wonderful tropical water lilies and proceeds outside in Tricker's historic propagation water lily ponds showing a variety of aquatic plants. Describes the differences between tropical and hardy water lilies. Includes rare footage of the water lily giant Victoria (which can have up to 6 feet across pads with thorns) being pruned. Shows the correct procedures for planting aquatics, fertilizing, etc. Also shows the correct procedures for introducing scavengers (clams, tadpoles, variety of snails) into the water garden pool. Includes the testing of pH. This is a live production, not a slide presentation. Sit back and relax while you play this DVD and have a unique water gardening experience.

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