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Water lily icon No. 3 Economical Preformed Pool

No. 3 Economical Preformed Pool
Item #: 21-7096
No. 3 Economy Preformed Pool. 16 gallons, 35 inches long x 29 inches x 12 inches deep. It is extremely light weight and made of sturdy 80 mil polyethene. Has a special shelves to place the bog plants. Can be used as a cascade basin from another water garden pool or just a small water garden pool in that special place in your yard! Has a smooth slate-grey appearance.

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Each: $112.99

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AquaTough J-Tear
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AquaTough Pond Liner is 45 mil thick pond liner and manufactured in the US by Carlisle Syn Tech. that has an unmatched J-Tear Protection. The J-Tear feature is important in the installation process. When cutting the liner, as done in most installations for size dimensions, water features, pipe attachment, etc., this is the only liner that has J-Tear Protection.

What is J_Tear Protection? When the liner tears, it will not tear in a long line but it will tear for a short distance, and then it will change direction and attempt to curve back on itself. This technology takes the worry out of a very long tear and quickly leaking. Watch the video on the J-Protective Test.

1. A cut or tear in the liner.

2. No J-Tear Protection.

3. J-Tear Protection with Carlisle Liner.

AquaTough Pond Liner with the J-Tear Protection is used in water gardens and ponds and is safe for your aquatic life. It's excellent for waterfalls, streams, fountain displays, etc. It lays flat, good in low temperature, is impact resistance, and resists UV, ozone, and oxidation.