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Fancy American Fantails

Fancy American Fantails
Fancy American Fantails
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Fancy American Fantails. These popular fancy fish are extremely beautiful and considered by many fish experts to be one of the most elegant of the goldfish family. Its greatest beauty is in the tail which is V shaped or divided into a double tail fin that makes them very attractive as they move in the water. The lobes of the tail spread out like a fan and thus the name. Some are beautifully marked with gold and white, others gold and black.  Limited Quantity. Please Check back later if option is not visible.
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*Required: Fancy American Fantails

1 each 3'' Fancy American Fantails
ONLY $7.90
1 pair 3'' Fancy American Fantails
ONLY $13.90
1 each 3-1/2'' to 4'' Fancy American Fantails
ONLY $8.90
1 pair 3-1/2'' to 4'' Fancy American Fantails
ONLY $14.90

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