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Fish and Scavengers A-3 Collection

140 Fish and Scavengers A-3 Collection
Fish and Scavengers A-3 Collection

Item Number: 36-7164

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Fish and Scavengers A-3 Collection. For decades a most popular cost savings collection of Fish and Scavengers recommended for a small or medium sized pool (approx. 8' to 10' across). It can be used with the Complete Aquatic Economical Plant Collection A-3.You will receive:

12 qty- American Fantails 3"
18 qty- Goldfish 3-4"
6 qty- Calico Shubunkins 3-4"
12 qty- Tadpoles
12 qty- Black Ramshorn Snails
12 qty- Livebearing Trapdoor Snails

A great collection that makes any water garden beautiful!

Regular Price $ 279.65

SALE PRICE $ 237.70

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Fish and Scavengers Collection A-3 # 36-7164
ONLY $237.70