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Water lily icon 'Gloriosa' Hardy Water Lily

'Gloriosa' Hardy Water Lily
'Gloriosa' Hardy Water Lily
'Gloriosa' Hardy Water Lily
'Gloriosa' Hardy Water Lily
'Gloriosa' Hardy Water Lily
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Botanical Name: Nymphaea 'Gloriosa'

Item #: 10-3004
Free from Pesticides and Herbicides!
No pesticides and no herbicides are used in our greenhouses and ponds.

The Nymphaea 'Gloriosa', is one of most popular among the hardy water lilies.

Appearance. The flowers are brilliant red with variegated sepals in rose and green that withstand hot and cooler weather. The stamens are colored a reddish orange.

Benefits. The blossoms have a pleasant odor of apple blossoms. 'Gloriosa' offers a landing pad for bees to drink, above shelter for your aquatic animals, and the pad shadows help to prevent algae growth.

Maintenance. As other water lilies, 'Gloriosa' prefers standing water with no fountains or currents. That is why you don't see water lilies in rivers, streams, or creeks. Do not use soil with herbicies or pesticides. Avoid potting soil or other mixes that have floating components such as sticks. You can start at a depth close to the surface for stronger sun rays and warmer temperatures. Then, move the container deeper as it grows and gets established. Keep the planter below the winter freezing line. Cutting flowers for decorative purposes indoors may stimulate continued growth in the pond.

This water lily has been one of our customers' favorite water lilies. Your guests will definitely admire it in your pond.

Hybridized By: In 1896, 'Gloriosa' was hybridized by the famous botanist M. Marliac who received the Award of Merit by the Royal Horticulture Society.

Size: The petals can grow from 3" to 6" long in a cup and star-shaped formation. The pads can grow to 8-9". New leaves are light purple that turns a mottled green as it ages.


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