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Jungle Vallisneria - Oxygenating Plant

Jungle Vallisneria - Oxygenating Plant
Jungle Vallisneria - Oxygenating Plant
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Vallisneria americana).

See tabs below for our wonderful video of Jungle Vallisneria makes a very attractive sight in the water and has a wonderful and pleasing sway with any movement! As the water moves, from a waterfall or just curious fish, the long plants will sway in the current giving a most pleasing site. Look in the photograph, you can see "smiles" on the fish!

Vallisneria in a RIVER (see tab below). At the end of the video is the happiest creature on the shore of the River. ENJOY!

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Vallisneria in Nature's River
Vallisneria. Richard Lee, biologist and owner of Wm Tricker, Inc.®, took the video of our native Vallisneria in one of our local rivers here in Ohio and would like to share this video with you. The video shows one of the MOST Amazing and soothing sights in Nature: Vallisneria and a River in harmony. Walter Pagels, prominent world aquatic specialist from California, also enjoyed this video and commented that this video is a most wonderful display of Vallisneria in Nature. He also agreed that every water garden pool should have Vallisneria!
Order Vallisneria and THANK YOU! Grown in Tricker's Aquatic Greenhouses!