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Laguna Pond Aeration Kit - Winter, Spring, Fall, Summer

Laguna Pond Aeration Kit - Winter, Spring, Fall, Summer
Laguna Pond Aeration Kit - Winter, Spring, Fall, Summer
Laguna Pond Aeration Kit - Winter, Spring, Fall, Summer
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When you visit our Tricker's nursery's fish department, one thing is obvious, there is a mass amount of air bubbles in ALL fish tanks! There are THREE excellent reasons to use this aerator as stated above.

1. It's main benefit is providing aeration of the water for use by the live aquatic organisms (fish, snails, crustaceans, etc.). This is VERY important in the summer when the water is warmer and the demand of oxygen increases. Tub Gardens, if they contain fish, are recommended to have this aeration device if the water is subjected to increased temperatures.

2. The "good" bacteria in the water garden pool depend upon air. The "rotten egg" smell that is associated with stagnant water is produced by bacteria that can live in water that is oxygen void.

3. This kit can also be used with Pond Heaters or Pond De-Icers (optional, purchase separately) or alone as an aerator. This kit will prevent the build up of ice to allow the noxious gases to escape during winter and in addition will provide air into the water.

The Pond Aeration Kit includes the aeration pump, air stone (1" cube), airline tubing, and a styrofoam float for adjusting airstone depth. The syrofoam float can be omitted if attached to the pool heater as indicated in the photograph or just submerged.

And, in all respects the fish LOVE to 'play' in the bubbles! They JUST love bubbles! A welcome and vital addition to any water garden pool!

Retail: $56.40
On Sale: $50.99
You Save: 10%
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*Required: Additional Replacement Air Stones

Additional Air Stones: Additional airstones can be included with your aerator.

No Additional Air Stones
Additional Air Stone - 1'' cube
Replacement Air Stone - 11-1/2'' long x 3/4''

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