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Ovation Submersible Power Jet Filter

Ovation Submersible Power Jet Filter
Ovation Submersible Power Jet Filter
Ovation Submersible Power Jet Filter
Ovation Submersible Power Jet Filter
Ovation Submersible Power Jet Filter
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Ovation Submersible Power Jet FilterCan set up three filters styles as shown in images! Perfect for all types of tropical fish aquariums and also can be used in a aquatic terrarium. The filter is a very reliable and smooth-running filter that provides excellent mechanical, biological, and chemical filtration. Unique design provides positive filtration which prevents the bypassing of unfiltered water. Can be placed in any position - standing up or lying down - in the most inconspicuous space. The dual-media filtering system includes a sponge for mechanical filtration, activated carbon to keep the water clean and odor free, as well as an oxygenating aeration head that can be regulated to control air flow. Changing of the media is quick and simple, making regular maintenance a snap. Filter kit includes power filter, filtration sponge, activated carbon cartridge, and a modular tubing kit.

Model                     Flow Rate            Recommended Tank Size
Ovation-210             53 gph                  Up to 15 Gallons
Ovation-380          100 gph                   Up to 25 Gallons
Ovation-700          185 gph                   Up to 50 Gallons
Ovation-1000        265 gph                   Up to 80 Gallons

*Note: more than one filter can be used on tanks.


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Ovation Submersible Power Jet Filter

Ovation-210 Submersible Power Jet Filter
60-5512 $28.76 SALE
ONLY $13.99
Ovation-380 Submersible Power Jet Filter
60-5513 $35.76 SALE
ONLY $17.99
Ovation-700 Submersible Power Jet Filter
60-5514 $31.76 SALE
ONLY $24.99
Ovation-1000 Submersible Power Jet Filter
60-5511 $45.76 SALE
ONLY $34.99

Aquarium Filters
If you visit our historic aquarium department at Tricker's you will see only the BEST aquarium filters operating. We try ALL of our filters BEFORE selling and over decades of trial and error Tricker's will only sell the BEST! If unsure, please call and speak with one of our knowledgable representatives, they not only know the technical details of each filter but the actual operation.