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Antique Silver Fake-Plant Pots or Urns

Antique Silver Fake-Plant Pots or Urns
Antique Silver Fake-Plant Pots or Urns
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This item requires a signature upon delivery - no exceptions. Inspect all cartons before signing a delivery receipt. In the event of damage, even to the carton, mark "Damage" on the receipt and get a copy of the documentation. Keep all packing material in case the shipper needs to inspect it. Notify Gardecor, Inc. within 24 hours of delivery to file a claim for damage.

RETURN POLICY for NON-CUSTOM ITEMS: Contact us in writing by email or fax within three (3) days of receiving the merchandise explaining why you want to to return the goods otherwise your request cannot be granted.

RETURN POLICY for CUSTOM-MADE ITEMS. Custom-made items are so noted in website description for the item and on your invoice. Both custom-made and personalized items are not cancelable, not refundable and cannot be returned or exchanged.

If you don't hear back from us within 2 business days, then consider that your claim didn't make it to us and notify us by phone. If no request is made by you within the set timeframe, then we cannot grant your request. This is the manufacturer's policy by which we all abide. Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.

Size: Size for plants is the total product size from top of plants to bottom of stems and stretched to full spread. Ensure to consider the buried stem to estimate the size above ground.

Material: This is an artificial product and must be used only indoors or on a protected porch. Not intended for live plants.

See tabs below for more information about the material.

NOT Included: Planter containers unless otherwise specified.

Lead Time to Ship: 3-5 days. Custom items can take longer.

Item Options

*Required: Please make a selection.


NOTE: Sizes given are from the very top to the bottom of the plant and the total width in full spread. Widths can vary depending on how you shape the fake plant. The height includes the stem or trunk. Photos may not all show the entire plant stem or trunk that can be buried in a planter.

NOTE: See tabs below for material descriptions.

NOTE: If the item is in the image and not listed below, then it has been discontinued and there are none left.

6" Fiberglass Oval Pot. 13.5" x 7.5" Inside Diameter - Grey/Silver

Sold as 1 piece

Ships in:

Ships in 3-5 days if in stock..

# D-111060

TODAY'S SALE: $65.00

Reg $76
11.5" Fiberglass Square Pot. 16" Inside Diameter - 17.5" Outside Diameter - 13" Bottom Width - Antique Silver

Sold as 1 piece

Ships in:

Ships in 3-5 days if in stock..

# D-111110

TODAY'S SALE: $161.00

Reg $187
8.25" Fiberglass Square Pot. 12" Inside Diameter - 13.5" Outside Diameter - 9.5" Bottom Width - Antique Silver

Sold as 1 piece

Ships in:

Ships in 3-5 days if in stock..

# D-111120

TODAY'S SALE: $95.00

Reg $111
11.25" Fiberglass Round Pot. 16" Inside Diameter - 17" Outside Diameter - 13" Bottom Width - Antique Silver

Sold as 1 piece

Ships in:

Ships in 3-5 days if in stock..

# D-111130

TODAY'S SALE: $134.00

Reg $156
8.5" Fiberglass Round Pot. 12.25" Inside Diameter - 13" Outside Diameter - 9.75" Bottom Width - Antique Silver

Sold as 1 piece

Ships in:

Ships in 3-5 days if in stock..

# D-111140

TODAY'S SALE: $96.00

Reg $112
24" Fiberglass Urn. 15" Outside Diameter - 11.5" Inside Diameter - Black/Silver - All Weather Finish

Sold as 1 piece

Ships in:

Ships in 3-5 days if in stock..

# D-72010

TODAY'S SALE: $148.00

Reg $172

"Sold as ... ea." mans that you get that many for the published price. E.g., "Sold as 2 ea" mans that you get two of the items for the price shown.

"Bare trunk" or "Bare Stem" mans that the trunk at the bottom is just a stem, rod, or heavy wire. they are shipped flat and unshaped. Custom trees are assembled in paper mache and plaster or weight base to stand upright.

"Weighted Base" mans that the trunk at the bottom has a plaster or concrete base to help the tree stand upright. Plants not specifically indicating a weighted base can have one for an additional cost. Contact us to request one.

If the page does not say, then it's a bare trunk or bare stem.

You can make your own weighted base and save on shipping. Purchase ready-mixed cement (e.g., KwikCrete) from your local hardware store and pour your own base. For a small base, you can use a cardboard box or pot as the form. For larger ones, hardware stores sell concrete forms, or simply dig a hole in the ground for a form.

"Custom Made". Artificial flowers, bushes, trees, etc that have fire retardant, are spray painted, potted in plaster bases are considered custom even if the customer doesn't ask for it. The customized artificial plants are not cancelable, not returnable, and not refundable.

Planters and packing material are not included in the order unless otherwise specified in the description.

NOTE about Plant Sizes. The sizes reported is when the plant is shaped to its fullest spread. For vertical measurements, the is from the very bottom of the trunk or stem to the tippy top of the foliage.

For the horizontal measurement, this is from the very tip of the foliage on one side to the very tip to the other side — shaped to its fullest spread.

Any questions? Just give us a call!

If you're uncertain, please request a sample or cutting before making your purchase.
PolyBlend is a polymer plastic material formulated for outdoor use. It is more resistant to the weather elements than ordinary plastics, vinyls, and PVC. Artificial plants made from PolyBlend are found in Las Vegas resorts, condominiums, amusement parks, and other fine places.

Look at the item number to determine the plant material.

  • P- Silk Polyester.
  • AR- Outdoor Fire Retardant.
  • GR-, PR-, GPR- The "R" indicates Fire Retardant.
  • A- Polyblend®, plastic or PVC. Polyblend® plants are durable for outdoors in the weather and have up to 5-year manufacturer warranty. Plastics and PVC can be placed outdoor, but don't last very long due to fading or destruction by high winds.
  • C- PVC. All PVC is fire retardant and considered a customized item that is not returnable, cannot be canceled, and not refundable.
  • BT-, T- are Topiaries.
  • J- Season items with limited supplies. Feel free to contact us for availability.
  • G- Giant custom-made tree.
  • PF- Foam.
  • RP-, GP-, GPR- King-sized custom-made trees.
  • W- Natural wood trunk.