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AMT - Aquatic Mineral Transport

AMT or Aquatic Mineral Transport is a must to be mixed into the aquatic topsoil before planting if your soil is lacking clay. Clay enhanced soil has always been recommended for aquatics and often overlooked. However, Tricker’s AMT contains a specific US natural mineral which is similar to clay. This granular mineral has outstanding properties in that it will hold and slowly transport the important fertilizer nutrients to the aquatic plant’s roots, i.e. nitrogen, potassium, magnesium, and trace elements. AMT’s mineral is very important in helping to prevent fertilizer from leaching into the pond. The mineral was selected by the space shuttle to be used in the space lab plant growing applications. Use 2 cups for 1/2 cubic foot of soil. Size: 2 Quarts (approx 9 cups). If using our aquatic planting Crates: X-large Crate (6 cups), Large Crate (2 cups), Large Round Crate (1-1/2 cups) Medium Crate (1-1/2 cup), Small Crate (1 cup) and Miniature Crate (1/2 cup).

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2 Quarts - AMT
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