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Complete Aquatic Plant Collection A-1

140 Complete Aquatic Plant Collection A-1
Complete Aquatic Plant Collection A-1

Complete Aquatic Collection A-1. This collection includes everything for an attractive display in a small pool (6 x 8 feet) all at a REDUCED price over individual prices!

Water Lilies. This beautiful grouping includes 3 Tropical Water Lilies: 'Pink Pearl' (pink flower tropical day bloomer, C), 'Blue Beauty' (blue flower tropical day bloomer, A) and 'Sir Galahad'( white tropical night bloomer, B), OR 3 Hardy Water Lilies: 'Gloriosa' (red flowers, D), 'Pink Opal' (pink flowers, F) and 'Chromatella' (yellow flowers, E)

Aquatic Plants. 16 aquatic plants (one each of Papyrus, Imperial Taro, Umbrella Palm, Blue Iris, Yellow Iris, Snowflake, Water Forget-me-not, Water Lettuce, Floating Fern and Dwarf Red Stem Parrot Feather. Two each of oxygenators: Cabomba, Hornwort and Anacharis. If crates (planting containers) are needed, select from the crate option collection A-1 described below.

Item Options

*Required: Complete Plant Collection A-1

Aquatic Collection A-1 with 3 Hardy Lilies
ONLY $147.10
Aquatic Collection A-1 with 3 Tropical Lilies
ONLY $119.60

*Required: Optional Planting Containers for Collection A-1

Optional: Add a collection of planting containers or crates. This option includes 3 Medium Tubs or 3 Large Crates (for lilies), 9 medium crates (bog plants) and 3 small crates (oxygenators). All at a reduced special collective price over individual prices. These crates/tubs are designed for aquatics to give excellent growth.
No Optional Crates
A-1 Planting Containers with Large Crates
13-7000 Add
ONLY $75.66
A-1 Planting Containers with Medium Tubs
13-7007 Add
ONLY $99.99

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