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Complete Aquatic Collection A-2

140 Complete Aquatic Collection A-2
Complete Aquatic Collection A-2

Complete Aquatic Collection A-2. This complete collection is recommended for pools 8 x 9 feet rectangular or 10 feet round.

Water Lilies: You will receive either 4 Tropical Water Lilies: 'Director Moore' (purple flowers, A), 'Sir Galahad' (white flowers and a night bloomer, D), 'Albert Greenburg' (variety of colors of flowers, from pink to yellow, B), 'Emily Grant Hutchings' (red flowered night bloomer, C) OR 4 Hardy Water Lilies: 'Gloriosa' (glorious red flowers, E), 'Comanche' (changeable flowers from apricot to yellow, G), 'Hal Miller' (pure white flowers, F) and 'Lustrous' (pink flowers, H).

Aquatic Plants: 16 aquatic plants consisting of one each of Papyrus, Imperial Taro, Umbrella Palm, Blue Iris, Yellow Iris, Snowflake, Water Forget-me-not, Water Lettuce, Floating Fern and Dwarf Red Stem Parrot Feather. Two each of oxygenators: Cabomba, Hornwort and Anacharis. If crates (planting containers) are needed, select from the crate option collection A-2 described below.

Item Options

*Required: Complete Plant Collection A-2

Aquatic Collection A-2 with 4 Hardy Lilies
ONLY $147.89
Aquatic Collection A-2 with 4 Tropical Lilies
ONLY $129.20

*Required: Optional Crates/Tubs for Collection A-2

Optional: You can add the planting crates: 4 large crates or 4 medium tubs (lilies), 9 medium crates (bog plants) and 3 small crates (oxygenators). All at a reduced special collective price over individual prices. These crates are designed for aquatics to give excellent growth. Specially offered for the A-2 Complete Plant Collection described above.
No Optional Crates
A-2 Planting Containers with Large Crates
13-7001 Add
ONLY $81.13
A-2 Planting Containers with Medium Tubs
13-7008 Add
ONLY $113.58

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