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Beaumont Pond Fountain for Spouts

Beaumont Pond Fountain for Spouts. Dorato
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Item #: 1638

The Beaumont Pond Fountain has many elements to delight your guests. The ball finial sets atop a teardrop. Water pours from each of the four spouts into the cloverleaf bowl design. Notice the pipes in the cloverleaf bowls where the water falls to the bottom pool for a full sound. If you need a lovely addition with sounds of falling water, consider the Beaumont Pond fountain with spouts.

NOTE: The original pond is a monolith (one-piece) and requires a forklift on site for delivery. If you would like to consider a "hybrid" pond that comes in sections and does not need a forklift at delivery, then please contact us for a quote.

You can't get a better fountain than a cast stone one made in the U.S.A. Cast stone is sturdy and will last beyond decades into the future. The heavy-weight nature will withstand strong winds better than resin. Designer color finishes have been developed to hold up to the sun and water. Ask us for a sample on cast stone.

Size: 3' 6" H x 3' 3" W x 2' 8.5" F-B, 550 lbs

Material: Cast stone concrete with weather tested paints.

Image shown in: Dorato. Note that the image may not exactly represent the color. For cast stone items, please request a quote and then you will have the option to request color samples.

Included: Shimmering lights, color finish of your choice, submersible pump

NOT Included: Fountain cover

Lead Time to Ship: 10-12 weeks

NOTE: To negotiate a better price or purchase parts for this item, or if you're a landscape architect planning to purchase many, or if you have questions, please call Donna, our cast stone fountains and statues specialist at 1-855-222-1001 or email her here.
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Today's Savings: 20%
Product Selections

*Required. Select your fountain pond configuration

The Hybrid Modular Pond is designed to look like the elegant large fountains using curbing that is found in parks and other large displays. It is easier and cheaper to ship and move into place. Prep is easy all you need is a crushed gravel and sand base, not a concrete base. If you install it on a hard surface such as pavers or a concrete pad, then a 1" sand layer will ease the installation and leveling. Should you need a replacement, just order one section, not the whole pond.

Include Cast Stone Monolith Pond
NOTE: During delivery, this monolith pond (1-piece) cannot be offloaded with a lift-gate. You must have a forklift on site for delivery.
NOTE: The pond in the above product image will be shipped.

# Original Monolith Pond

Substitute the Hybrid Modular Pond instead of the monolith pond. Can be delivered with lift-gate service.
86" Outside Diameter

# 1316-upgrade

TODAY'S SALE: $1,350.00

Reg $1,799.00

Cast Stone Spout

*Required. Color Choice

See below "Color Finishes" tab for detailed information about these elegant color finishes. Do not rely on the color on your screen. If in doubt, please ask for a free sample on cast stone so that you know how it will look in your lighting.

NOTE: Antico will come with a green color that will age with time. It may take a 1-2 months for the color to age to a uniquely beautiful color. Sunlight helps to expedite the ageing.

*Required. Cast Stone Terms of Sale

This applies to all cast stone items.

Customer agrees to terms and condition of sale for this item which can be found here ( The terms are expanded with the following: This item is custom made-to-order and is not cancelable, not returnable, not refundable, and not exchangeable. Manufacturer's warranty will be dealt with on a case-by-case basis.
Recommended Options

Rustic Iron Spouts for the Fountain

The Rustic Iron Spouts are forged and cast iron spouts which are used for antiqued fountain displays.

The Rustic Iron Spouts are 7/8" OD straight pipe the same size as the standard 3/4" CPVC, copper tube size PVC. A standard 3/4" CPVC coupling is the connection.

Optional Bronze Spouts

Polished bronze spouts in different designer styles will give your fountain a fresh look. Imported from Italy.

*Required. Do you want to include the recommended submersible water pump?

1200 gph pump with 15-ft power cord.

Submersible and On Land LED Lights

Most fountains being installed today add lighting either submerged or on land. Fountains are attractive during the day; however, their beauty is immeasurably more intense at night with lights that shimmer through the falling water.

Colored lights have different transmission values which should be considered. Relative brightness values are approximately as follows: Clear White 100%; Amber 50%; Green 25%; Red 15%; Blue 15%.

Underwater light kits include lights and a transformer. Each LED light is about 3.3 watts and illuminates brightly. The LED lights can be used out of water for landscape path lighting.

The nozzle lights are smaller and perfect for urn fountains or water fountains with a small bowl.

Paint/Stain Touch-Up Kit NOTE: Touch-up kits are NOT available for the RELIC Colors. Please do not order a touch-up kit if you are ordering a Relic color.

Include touch-up paint kit.


Regular $31.90

If you're looking for parts, please contact Donna at 1-855-222-1001

About Giannini Garden Ornaments

Giannini Garden Ornaments was founded in 1993 by Marino and Piera Giannini. Their first designs were hanging wall fountains and planters. Giannini now occupies a 2.5 acre factory and showroom in South San Francisco, California. We cast up to 900 cast-stone fountains and statue molds a day that form fountains, planters, pedestals, benches and statues that the Giannini's design and all are produced on site. Marino and Piera are now joined by their sons, Pier Luigi and Alessandro who help run the stone cast factory and showroom right here in the San Francisco, Bay Area.

As a truly hands-on business it takes two to three months to take one of Marino's drawings from start to finish and involves a skilled process of hand sculpting and mold making. When the mold is ready for production, it is filled with a slurry of high quality cement, aggregates, water, steel, synthetic fibers, and additives to ensure strength and durability. The product is then cured and finished with one of their 20 signature colors that are applied by hand.

Not all of Giannini's beautiful garden decor are on our website. Download their full catalogs and browse them at your leisure. When you find something, just contact us and we'll get a quote to you right away.

Full Catalog - pdf ~50 Mb

New Items - pdf ~9 Mb

Supplement - pdf ~16 Mb