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Historical Water Gardens
William Tricker, Inc.ģ is proudly listed in the National Register of Historic Places, U.S. Department of the Interior, National Park Service.
Ohio Farm Bureau
Member and active supporter of the Ohio Farm Bureau.

Tricker's Protect-Ease

Tricker's Protect-Ease

Tricker's Protect-Ease. A mild treatment to help protect against the all present of parasites and bacteria which could cause ick and/or white cottony fungus. Contains EDTA which helps to detoxify harmful heavy metals and chelate copper. Protects against environmental stresses and imbalances. Has a double slime coat protection which soothes and promotes natural slime coat production. Helps wounds and abrasions heal, thereby reducing the possibility of infection and reinfection. Use every seven days to help eliminate ick parasites and fungus bacteria before they can cause problems. Contains some of the most highly Tricker recommended ingredients and used in our fish department: formalin, acriflavin and copper sulfate. Use Protect-Ease once a week or when adding new fish or plants to the aquarium. Not necessary to remove your carbon cartridge when adding. 1 ounce treats 60 gallons. Bottle contains 2 ounces. Safe for fresh or saltwater. Not recommended for invertebrates.


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