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Grande Fiberglass Pool with Concrete Wall

Grande Fiberglass Pool with Concrete Wall
Grande Fiberglass Pool with Concrete Wall
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The fiberglass inner pool is

  • One-piece
  • Pre-wired for lighting
  • Already plumbed with connections.

Statues, tubing, pumps, and other accessories not included. This is just for the fiberglass pool, concrete walls and concrete walkway.

ITEM #9010 and #9011 - These are the concrete surround pieces which cover the outside of the fiberglass pool in "Millennial" fountains. In the photo, the 9010 is the "Long Wall Section" which is shown right in the middle foreground. It is 43" left to right and weighs about 281 lbs. The 9011 is the "Corner Wall Section" which has a rippled shaped to its footprint and is found at each end of the 9010, under the small dolphin spitting statues. The 9011 is 25" across and weighs about 193 lbs. There are four of each of these pieces in a Millennial fountain.

ITEM #6022 and #6023 - The fountain shown in the photo uses the 6023 fiberglass pool. It is about 2.5" less deep than the other pool and is used when the sidewalk is NOT desired.

When the sidewalk is desired around the fountain, it actually sits underneath the 9010 and 9011 wall pieces, which means it lifts them up about 2.5". For that reason, the pool - which sits on the ground but needs to rise up as high as the 9010 and 9011 call for - needs to also include another 2.5" of height.

Therefore, the 6022 fiberglass pool is about 2.5" taller than the 6023. But it is not deeper. What makes the 6022 taller is the false bottom that is built into it, through which three water channels are hidden - the water supply to the outer spitters, a channel to run power cords to the perimeter and an internal filter screened supply. While the 6023 pool sets up like most fountains - with power cords being pulled out from underneath the tipped bottom bowl - no one ever has to work under the 6022. Its built-in channels allow for all set up to be done more easily through them.

About This Pond

These ponds are made for water features such as spray rings or water fountain statues, or to be simply used as a reflection pool. If you are considering using it as a water garden, then consider the depth of the pool.

If you are planning a fountain display in the "pond", then do not grow water lilies near the "moving" water or disturbed water that is caused by the spray. Water lilies prefer calm, placid water which is why waterfalls should be installed away from your aquatics.

The minimum depth to sustain water lilies depends on the design. Water lilies can grow in "tub" gardens which we sell the containers to make tub gardens. Our Pygmy Lilies can easily grow in only a few inches of water over the surface of the crown (thus for depth you have add the pot size) and can easily grow in 12" of water. The best plants would be the Dwarf Giant Papyrus, Hardy Shallow Water and Bog Plants and Water Hyacinths. Oh, and don't forget the fish for bio-equilibrium. For more ideas, email us or phone us at 1-800-524-3492.

Size: 1' 3" H x 7' Dia

Material: Cast stone (concrete) with weather-tested color finish

NOT Included: Pump, pedestals, water statue, lights. This is only the bottom pool that does have an inner lining with a bottom.

Lead Time to Ship: 3-4 weeks from about Sept-Mar. Otherwise, 5-6 weeks during busy season.

NOTE: To negotiate a better price for this item, or if you're a landscape architect planning to purchase many, or if you have questions about it, please call Donna, our cast stone fountains and statues specialist at 1-855-222-1001 or email her here.
Product Selections

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Inner Fiberglass Pool Only configured for sidewalk. NOT INCLUDED: Sidewalk, outer cast stone walls, fountains, pedestals/bases, pumps, lights. # 6022

TODAY'S SALE: $5,580.00

Reg $6,417.00
Inner Fiberglass Pool Only configured for NO sidewalk. NOT INCLUDED: Outer cast stone walls, fountains, pedestals/bases, pumps, lights. # 6023

TODAY'S SALE: $3,598.00

Reg $4,138.00
Fiberglass pool AND concrete walls configured for a sidewalk. NOT INCLUDED: Sidewalk, fountains, pedestals/bases, pumps, lights. # 9010 x 4 + 9011 x 4 + 6022

TODAY'S SALE: $11,996.00

Reg $13,195.00
Fiberglass pool AND concrete walls configured for NO sidewalk. NOT INCLUDED: Fountains, pedestals/bases, pumps, lights. # 9010 x 4 + 9011 x 4 + 6023

TODAY'S SALE: $10,015.00

Reg $11,015.00

Submersible and On Land LED Lights

Most fountains being installed today add lighting — either submerged or on land. Fountains are attractive during the day; however, their beauty is immeasurably more intense at night when lit.

Colored lights have different transmission values which should be considered. Relative brightness values are approximately as follows: Clear White — 100%; Amber — 50%; Green — 25%; Red — 15%; Blue — 15%.

Underwater light kits include lights and a transformer. Each LED light is about 3.3 watts and illuminates brightly. The LED lights can be used out of water for landscape path lighting.

The nozzle lights are smaller and perfect for urn fountains or water fountains with a small bowl.

Plume LED Light Kit. 24-ft power cord. 3.3 watts, 6000 Kelvin, 110 lumens. # AB870


Regular $75.00

Plume LED Light Kit (Black). 24-ft power cord. # AB870L


Regular $75.00

Hi-Tech LV Underwater Single Light Kit With Transformer, 20-ft power cord. # AB871L


Regular $89.00

Hi-Tech LV Underwater Single Light Kit with Rubber Stopper and Transformer. 20-ft power cord. # AB871LR


Regular $99.00

3-Light LED Kit. Transformer, 20-ft power cord. 9.9 watts, 6000 Kelvin, 304 lumens. # AB873L


Regular $175.00

4-Light LED Kit. Transformer, 20-ft power cord. 19.2 watts, 6000 Kelvin, 380 lumens. # AB874L


Regular $239.00

Color Finish Choices

*Required Selection. Color Finish

Click the image to see all color finishes. See below "Color Finishes" tab for detailed information about these elegant color finishes. Do not rely on the color on your screen. If in doubt, please ask for a free sample on cast stone so that you know how it will look in your lighting.

Terms of Sale

*Required Selection. Cast Stone Terms of Sale

This applies to all cast stone items.

Customer agrees to terms and condition of sale for this item which can be found here ( The terms are expanded with the following: This item is custom made-to-order and is not cancelable, not returnable, not refundable, and not exchangeable. Manufacturer's warranty will be dealt with on a case-by-case basis.

About Henri Studio

If you're looking for parts, please contact Donna at 1-855-222-1001

A Tradition of Excellence

Henri Studio started seventy years ago when an adventurous, talented and modest young man arrived in America from his native Italy. Eneri Prosperi was born in the picturesque village of Bagni di Lucca in romantic Tuscany, for centuries the regional home of Italy’s artists and sculptors. Eneri transported his Old World craftsmanship to his new home, eventually arriving in Chicago, where he began to pour his first concrete creations in the basement of his bungalow in the early 1960s. This was the inception of Henri Studio, where the Prosperi family grew their skills and their business, eventually making Henri the world’s leading name in cast stone fountains and garden decor.

Today, that Old World craftsmanship is combined with modern manufacturing processes to create Henri’s premium quality line of cast stone fountains, birdbaths, planters, statuary and garden decor. From classic to contemporary, from traditional to whimsical, Henri’s extraordinary range is incomparable. Still located in the Chicago area, Henri Studio distributes its popular products exclusively to garden retailers across the United States and Canada, and around the world — Tricker's is one of these exclusive dealers. Henri’s inspired designs, rich colors, and thoughtful engineering have made sought after Henri products essential to virtually any home, garden or landscape.

Since 2008, Henri Studio features The Brass Baron, the acclaimed collection of premium bronze pond statues and garden sculptures. The Brass Baron is quality peerless, exuding style and engaging the imagination. With the resonance of treasured heirlooms, Brass Baron creations enhance gracious living – and are a perfect complement to the Henri Studio line.

Their fountains and statuary are all expertly engineered and skillfully made in the USA. The result is an evolving legacy of beauty. Henri fountains and garden decor continue to enhance distinctive homes and landscapes, adding elegance and enjoyment to outdoor living spaces throughout the world.

Creativity and quality are their passions. Enjoy our Henri Studio creations now, and for many years to come. At Henri Studio, The Creativity Continues To Your Backyard.