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Ultra Clear Freshwater Complete for Aquariums - 12 oz

Ultra Clear Freshwater Complete for Aquariums - 12 oz
Ultra Clear Freshwater Complete for Aquariums - 12 oz
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Ultra Clear Freshwater Complete - 12 oz.  A complete aquarium treatment for fresh water aquariums & marine (salt water) aquariums. No other bacterial additives needed. A brand new aquarium can be set-up using one product dose. Fish can be added immediately at full stocking density. Switch to maintenance after tank is cycled or clarified.

UltraClear Complete is 100% Live Beneficial Bacteria. Safe for all fish.

UltraClear Complete for aquariums:

  • Instantly cycles new tanks or established aquariums.
  • Eliminates ammonia & nitrite in problem aquariums.
  • Performs aerobic denitrification to reduce nitrate in the aquarium.
  • Clarifies aquarium water without toxic chemicals.
  • Eliminates surface mats & hairy projections.
  • Digest sludge build-up in tank.

Dosage Instructions:

Instantly Cycle New or Problem Aquarium: Set-up tank as normal, dechlorinate water, dose 1 ounce per 10 gallons. Add fish at recommended population. Tank will be cycled in 24 hours. Switch to maintenance.

Maintain clarity & digest sludge: Dose 1 ounce per 40 gallons. Repeat weekly or at least once a month.

Solve water Clarity Problem: Dose 1 ounce per 20 gallons every week until clarity problem is solved then switch back to maintenance. Extreme clarity problems may require 4 to 8 doses. Continue manual cleaning as needed until tank is restored to desirable clarity.

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