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Rainbow Water Celery

Rainbow Water Celery (Oenanthe javanica) is a most unusual aquatic plant. A wonderful and colorful plant that produces serrated leaves of cream, green and pink. In the summer the plant produces white carrot flower umbels. It will grow to about six inches tall but at times can reach to about 12 inches. The plant, which grows rapidly, can spread across the water via rhizomes, making a most attractive display in any water garden pool. It has been known to be a food source for humans and fish. In some countries it is known to have medicinal or health tonic properties. Its curative value is mentioned in ancient or Chinese herbal writings.

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A most attractive and well displayed plant in any water garden pool.

1 Qty Rainbow Water Celery # 10-5230

TODAY'S SALE: $10.90

Reg $15
3 Qty Rainbow Water Celery # 10-5231

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Reg $35

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