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Siam Purple 1

Siam Purple 1
Siam Purple 1
Siam Purple 1

Siam Purple 1Siam Purple 1 is the  world’s first ISG (intersubgenetic) Purple Hardy Water Lily that was created in Thailand by Pairat Songpanich.  The flowers are held on stems above the water surface.  The purple flower color early in the year resembles the purple loosestrife’s coloration and as year progresses  becomes darker purple.  There are streaks of blue often seen in the petals giving a most unique sight.  The base of the flower have white coloration that will illuminate the wonderful purple petals.  The pads are round and mottled.  Early pads show a purple coloration.         Grown directly at Tricker's aquatic nursery  and original stock is directly from Pairat Songpanich’s associate in Thailand.  Enjoy a wonderful marvel in the aquatic world!

     Background of ISG Hardy Water Lilies.  The world’s first ISG (intersubgenetic) Hardy Water Lily was created in Thailand by Pairat Songpanich. Crossing a hardy water lily with a tropical water lily has never been accomplished until Pirat Songpanich succeeded in 2007 and made the world’s first blue/purple hardy which he named Siam, after the former name of Thailand. Later, he introduced a ISG hardy purple hybrid and called it Siam Purple 1 and followed by Siam Purple 2. The water lilies have a variety of characteristics of both tropical and hardy water lilies. Along with other various characteristics of hardy water lilies, these hybrids have rhizomes similar to hardy varieties. The water lilies blossoms are purple (similar to the purple loosestrife and becomes darker as the year progresses) and often shows streaks of blue in the petals.

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