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Water lily icon Skilter 250 Power Filter, up to 55 gals

Item #: 60-4511
This Skilter 250 Power Filter is an easy-to-use filtering system that cleans the aquarium water with mechanical, chemical, and biological action. It has a flow rate of 250 gph for fresh or salt water aquariums up to 55 gallons.

The Skilter is easy to operate. Just hang the unit on the back of your aquarium. It has been designed to be self-starting and maintenance-free.

The Skilter 250 provides three stages of filtration as it passes through the Supreme Bio-Matrix cartridge.
  1. It's mechanically filtered by the dense polyester filter material.
  2. It then passes through an activated carbon medium that is specially designed to be an effective chemical filter.
  3. Finally, the entire cartridge, surrounded by its unique clam-shell style frame, acts as an efficient biological filter.

The snap-together cartridge is easy to replace and allows for either partial or total change of the filter media. This assures uninterrupted bacterial filtration.

Size: 250 gph.

Material: High-impact plastic for dependable use.

On Sale: $44.99
Regular: $94.94
Today's Savings: 53%

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