Tricker's is a family-run store. We are sorry to say that the aquatic store (live plants and animals) is currently closed due to family illness.
We hope to be offerring live plants, fish, tadpoles, etc. about mid-July.

Current orders are shipping ASAP.

We ARE accepting orders for & shipping hardgoods such as
fish food, medications, pumps, fountains, statues, planters, etc.

Call 1-855-222-1001 to inquire about or place an order for those products.
Or place your order for them online.

If you need a referral for aquatic plants, please check Lily Pons at

We look forward to serving your aquatic needs very soon!

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Bio-Sponge Filters

Bio-Sponge Filters
Bio-Sponge Filters
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Bio-Sponge Filters. These excellent filters features silent operation, and has an excellent filtering effect while oxygenating the water. The special developed foam materials supports the colonization of bacteria, allowing for mechanical filtration in addition to biological filtration, which will break down harmful waste, ammonia and nitrite material, resulting in a cleaner living environment for your fish, particular they are useful for as breeding filter or as a secondary filter.  The small bio-sponge is typically used up to 5 gallon aquarium.  Small size bio-sponge with tube is approximately 6" high by 3.5" wide.  The large Bio-Sponge Filter is typically used over 30 gallons.  Large size bio-sponge with tube is approximately 6.5" high by 4.5" wide.

    Mechanical filtration: Provides excellent filtering effect while oxygenating the water
    Biological Filtration: Foam material supports the colonization of bacteria
    Can be used with either an air pump or any external filter
    Silent operation by reducing air pump noise
    Easy to install and simple to maintain

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Aquarium Filters
If you visit our historic aquarium department at Tricker's you will see only the BEST aquarium filters operating. We try ALL of our filters BEFORE selling and over decades of trial and error Tricker's will only sell the BEST! If unsure, please call and speak with one of our knowledgable representatives, they not only know the technical details of each filter but the actual operation.