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Trico - Aquatic Fertilizer Pellets

140 Trico - Aquatic Fertilizer Pellets
Trico - Aquatic Fertilizer Pellets

Trico. After growth has begun using the granular Praefecta, the 'Trico' tablets are now used throughout the growing season in your water garden pool. Trico is a special aquatic plant food pellet for stimulating flowers and continuing the growth of water lilies, lotus and other aquatics in the water garden pool. Fertilize the lilies and other aquatics monthly. The pellets of Trico are inserted into the soil near the roots. We use Trico routinely growing thousands of flowering water plants in our nurseries. Trico is a special water soluble blend of ingredients made for William Tricker, Inc. only. "Highly dissoluble and readily available for the aquatic growth and blooming. Does not just "set" in the soil like other fertilizer types. Do NOT let a single year go by without the use of these two excellent fertilizers! Used by other reputable commercial water garden growing establishments

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