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Tricker's Turks Island Sea Salt

140 Tricker's Turks Island Sea Salt
Tricker's Turks Island Sea Salt

Turk's Island Sea Salt is a general tonic to control bacteria, fungus and parasites in your garden pool. Use when fish are not acting normal and showing signs of general malaise. Routinely use one tablespoon for every 5 gallons of water. This will act to stimulate fish and growth of plants. Includes formula on bottle to treat disease symptoms. This natural salt is very important to add routinely for fish health. Functions with an osmoregulatory action in helping fish remove or kill parasites. Restores the natural electrolytes for proper gill function. We use it in our fish hatchery and our fish strongly recommend it. Contains no magnesium, carbonate, calcium aluminosilicate, TFC or related anti-caking agents found in table salts. Routine use is to use 1 quart per 320 gallons of pond water. 1-Gallon per 1280 gallons of pond water.

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1 Pint - Turk's Island Sea Salt
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