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Water Hawthorn

Water Hawthorn
Water Hawthorn
Water Hawthorn
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Water Hawthorn (Aponogeton distachyus). A most admirable plant that is known for its long blooming characteristics, and has been known in some locations to be still blooming at Christmas. With dark green strap-like leaves, about a foot long often mottled with brown or purple blotches and white contrasting coal black stamens, make this one of the loveliest of all water plants. They emit a strong fragrance resembling a wild hawthorn, hence the name. If you want an aquatic with fragrant flowers water hawthorn is a must! The plant will be the first to begin blooming in the cool Spring, in any Summer warm water the plant will show signs of dormancy and in the Fall produces a wonderful amount of aromatic blooms well into the winter months as ice begins to form on the pond. William Tricker selected an image of this wonderful plant in his 1897 Book "The Water Garden". His selection has adorned water gardens for decades to come! Do NOT miss a season without the aroma of this most admirable water garden plant!

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