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24 Hours Day and Night Duo + Free Night Blooming Water Lily

This collection is a special sale that is offered periodically on Tricker's Web Site. If you want to be notified when this sale goes on, please email that you want to be notified. Thanks! Click HERE to email.

24 Hours Day and Night Duo + Free Night Blooming Water Lily. Many new water gardeners are disappointed when they discover that water lily flowers begin closing in the late afternoon when they come home from work. To solve this disappointment, the Tricker's has always recommended to add a night blooming water lily to your water garden pool collection. This way, when the day bloomers are closing, the night bloomers, in the late afternoon, are opening and as a bonus they are still open when you go to work in the morning when the other water lilies are just opening. In this collection you will receive two water lilies: Sunrise (a hardy water lily that has beautiful yellow blossoms that open, as it was named, early in the morning), Mrs. Martin Randig (a purple flowered water lily that will produce multiple blooms all summer), and as a special offer Tricker's will add a FREE night bloomer from the thousands of water lilies propagated in our historic aquatic greenhouses selected by our knowledgeable staff for best growth. These three water lilies are over a SEVENTY Dollar Value! Enjoy, and we are sure you will enjoy these special class of water lilies!

Each: $70.00