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1. Qualification: Wholesale accounts must qualify for special reduced prices to qualified Nurseries, Landscapers, Water Garden Companies, Distributors, etc. Completely fill out the form below and submit it to us to apply for special pricing. Tricker's works with each account directly to make sure they are successful. The products we offer are backed by our highly reputable company.

2. Wholesale Prices: The introduction to our wholesale prices are controlled by William Tricker, Inc.'s marketing program. Each account is reviewed and assigned discounts based upon buying patterns. You will be notificed upon the acceptance of the wholesale prices via email or by special request of correspondence. You will then be assigned a discount code to be used on-line which will automatically give discounts.

3. Purchasing Products: Some items can be purchased in lesser quantity or in single amounts depending upon each account's approval. For example, the Trickerlite liners can be purchased in rolls or single sheets, plants in quantities or single variety purchases. A product tracking by Tricker's marketing will allow different buying patterns.

How to Send us the completed Form: This form is sent through our secrure store since emails can contain spam. When you have completed the form, just enter by clicking on the "Add to Cart" button" and fill out the business address and click on the final button for wholesale. You must answer all questions/comments! If you do not answer each question, put in a "NA" in the box and explain in the final comments. All blanks must have a comment or "NA" to be accepted by the program.

Item Options

*Required: Approximate Price Paying for Water Lilies? (If no response put in "NA" and explain in final comments)

*Required: How many water lilies or aquatic plants would you be purchasing in a year? (If no response put in "NA" and explain in final comments)

*Required: What is your current source of supplies (both aquatic plants and hard goods)?

*Required: What items did you purchase last year, plants and hardgoods and approximately how much was spent? (If no response put in "NA" and explain in final comments)

*Required: How long have you been in business? (If no response put in "NA" and explain in final comments)

*Required: Final Comments: State any concerns that you may want us to consider to make you successful. (If have no comments put in "NA")