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Water lily icon William Stone Tricker Water Lily Hybrid

William Stone Tricker Water Lily Hybrid
William Stone Tricker Water Lily Hybrid
William Stone Tricker Water Lily Hybrid
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William Stone. The late William Tricker produced this wonderful hybrid in 1897 and has a particularly attractive sky blue with a tint of violet colored flower. The blossoms are different than most water lilies and are star-shaped and open early in the morning and do not close until late in the afternoon. The aromatic flowers are carried well above the water, one of the highest of water lilies, with the characteristic sepals bending down creating a real art of beauty. This water lily will truly stand out among the rest of your water lilies. An extremely beautiful prolific bloomer. Famous author and well known American aquarist Dr. William Innes has stated that he has counted a total of 20 buds and blooms visible at the same time on one plant. A true testament to the blooming ability of this plant.

Hybridized By: The late William Tricker produced this wonderful hybrid in 1897.

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America's Oldest Water Garden Specialist established in 1892
In the later 1920s and 1930s Tricker delivered aquatics locally via trucks to customers. This practice is still done today in newer vehicles.

William Tricker, Inc.® is a leading grower of aquatic plants and supplier of water garden products and aquarium supplies. Our aquatic greenhouses have produced superior plants for over a century. Customers have been receiving quality water plants and animals, some free, that make water gardening easy and fun to do. Purchase with confidence at Tricker's.

William Tricker (born 1853) started his commercial water lily culture in the United States in the late 1800's. He began experimenting with hybridizing water lilies and studied what helps their growth. The shape, colors and hardiness of his beautiful aquatic plants have withstood the test of time.

In the early 1890's, He earned a reputation as a leader in aquatice from hybridiing water lilies. His water lily nursery and company was formed in both Ohio and Pennsylvania and each were passed down to his family until the 1980's when Richard Lee purchased the Ohio company. In 1892, the first William Tricker mail-order catalog was mailed to customers across the nation.

Read more about William Tricker and the historic water lily nursery here.