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Large Air Pump Kit
This powerful pump kit will produce an abundance of aeration in the water garden pool for pools up to 7000 gallons. It produces 18.5 gallons of air per minute. Operates at a maximum depth of 115.

Today's Sale: $168.99

Reg: $232.90

Save: 28%

Video 5 Oxygenating Plants Collection
Video 5 Oxygenating Plant Collection. Here is a collection of 5 Oxygenating Plants that are shown in our Tricker Video If you did not view the video click on product and read more.

Today's Sale: $24.95

Reg: $27.90

Save: 11%

Free Shipping: Pond Net Covering 14 feet by 14 feet
FREE SHIPPING: Pond Net Covering 14 feet Wide by 14 Feet Length. In autumn use this net covering to catch falling leaves. This prevents them from rotting in the water garden and producing methane gas.

Today's Sale: $16.99

Reg: $19.99

Save: 16%

Ultra Clear Sludge Digester - Biological
Finally, for that "sludge" that is on the bottom of your water garden pool. 100% biological, professional strength formula and works to keep your pond healthy and "Ultra-Clear".

Free Shipping.  100 Watt Pond Heaters (Improved 3.0) Thermo Pond
Free Shipping. This pond heater, only 100 watts, is used in water garden pools where the threat of ice in winter is obvious. The aquatic life in your pond, especially the fish, cannot survive heavy ice buildup and noxious gases may be trapped.

Today's Sale: $59.95

Reg: $69.95

Save: 15%

Tricker's Floating Fish Food
Superior quality ingredients are scientifically formulated for complete and balanced nutrition that floats on the water. An excellent formulation of fish food that will float during feeding. Often used to train fish to come to the surface to feed.

Laguna Pond Aeration Kit - Winter, Spring, Fall, Summer
When you visit our Tricker's nursery's fish department, one thing is obvious, there is a mass amount of air bubbles in ALL fish tanks! There are THREE excellent reasons to use this aerator as stated above. 1.

Today's Sale: $50.99

Reg: $56.40

Save: 10%

Omega One Wheat Germ Sticks - Spring/Fall Fish Food
It is important to stop feeding cold water fish when the temperature of the water goes below 50 degrees F.