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Historical Water Gardens
William Tricker, Inc.ģ is proudly listed in the National Register of Historic Places, U.S. Department of the Interior, National Park Service.
Ohio Farm Bureau
Member and active supporter of the Ohio Farm Bureau.


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1 Gallon Minibow Aquarium Kits

1/2 Wine Barrel Poly Tubs

1915 Tricker Catalog - Panama Pacific and Mrs. Woodrow Wilson

1930s Blue Beauty at Tricker's

2.5 Gallon Minibow Aquarium Kits

5 Gallon Minibow Aquarium Kits

7 Gallon Minibow Aquarium Kit

99 Cents Special

About Tricker's Lotus

Aeration Kit - Spring, Summer, Fall or Winter

AirWhist Aquarium Air Pumps - Free Shipping

Algae Problems, Bacteria, UV Sterlizers, etc.

Aquarium Air Pumps, Air Stones - Free Shipping

Aquarium Clear Water: Testing and Treating

Aquarium Decorations - Free Shipping

Aquarium Fancy Goldfish

Aquarium Filtration - Free Shipping

Aquarium Fish Foods - Free Shipping

Aquarium Fish Medications - FREE Shipping

Aquarium Gravel - FREE Shipping

Aquarium Heaters and Siphons - Free Shipping

Aquarium Hoods, Lights, etc. - Free Shipping

Aquarium Kits with Free Shipping

Aquarium Live Plant Fertilizer

Aquarium Nets - Free Shipping

Aquarium Plastic Decorative Plants - Free Shipping

Aquarium Replacement Filter Media, Cartridges, etc. - Free Shipping

Aquarium Starter Kit - 10 Gallon

Aquarium Testing Kits and Adjusting for pH, Ammonia, and Chlorine

Aquarium Tubing and Gang Valves - Free Shipping

Aquariums - Free Shipping

Aquatic Fertilizer, Planting Crates, Tubs, etc.

Aquatic Fertilizers and Planting Aquatics

Aquatic Planting Crates, Tubs and Pea-Gravel

Aquatic Pumps

AquaTough Pond Liner with J-Tear Protection

Autumn and Green Shades Tropical Water Lilies

Bamboo Fountains

Beginning Water Garden Collection

Betta Fish Food

Betta Keeper Aquariums - Free Shipping

Bi-Colored Water Lilies

Biological Filter Biomatrix Media

Blue Flowered Tropical Water Lilies

Blue Pond Colorant

Brass Heirloom Statues and Natural Stone Colored Water Spouted Statues

Brass Statues - Heirlooms

Bulk Filter Floss

Bulkhead Fittings, Patch Seam Tape, Black Foam


Carbon Filter and Zeolite

Changeable or Sunset Hardy Lilies

Chlorine Remover

Clear Water Products

Complete Pool Kits - Liners-Waterfalls-Skimmers-Pumps

Concrete Pool Products

Cost Savings Fish Food Collections

Cost Savings Fountain Kits with Filters

Cost Savings Lotus Collections

Cost Savings Plant Collections

Cost Savings Replacement Filter Material

Cut to Size Filter Pads - Carbon, Ammonia, etc.

Deck Pond

Early Spring Flowering Aquatics

Economical Clear Pond Collections

Economical Collections - Control of Algae

Economical Complete Aquatic Plant Collections: Water Lilies and Bog Plants

Economical Fish and Scavenger Collections

Economical Floating and Oxygenating Collections

Economical Hardy and Tropical Lily Collections

Economical Hardy Water Lily Collections

Economical Preformed Pools

Economical Tropical Water Lily Collections

Econominal Water Garden Tubs with/without Plants

Electrical Protection in Water Garden - GFCI

Exotic Hardy Lotus

Fall and Winter: Net Covering, Pond Heaters/Air Pumps

Fall Preparation - Net Covering

Fish Disease Remedies

Fish Feeding Ring, Feeding Thermometer

Fish Foods

Fish Foods, Nets, Sick Fish, Turtle Foods

Fish Health: Cost Savings Collections

Fish, Plant and Soil Protection Devices

Fish, Tadpoles, Snails, Protection Devices, etc.

Flexible Rubber (EPDM) Pool Liners and Underlayment

Floating Aquatic Plants

Floating Ducks

Floating Plants, Bog, Taros, Snowflakes, Cannas

Foggers - Wonderful Displays


FREE 2019 Water Gardening Catalog

Free Aquatic Plants

FREE Live Aquarium Plants

Fusion Quiet Power Aquarium Air Pumps - Free Shipping

Gift Certificates via Email or Mailed

Ginger Cartridges - Eclipse/Explorer

Glowing Garnet Hardy Water Lily

Golden Orfe

Green, Autumn and Peach Tropical Water Lilies

Hardy Lotus

Hardy Shallow Water and Bog Plants

Hardy Water Lilies

How to Build a Water Garden Pool

Hy-Drive Pumps 6100 to 7600 gph

In Pool Mechanical/Biological Filters

Information and Planting Oxygenating Plants

Integra 30 mil Rubber Liners

Intersubgenic (ISG) Hardy Purple Water Lilies

Laguna Fountains

Laguna Lights for the Water Garden

Laguna Pond Vacuum

Laguna Pumps 80 to 4280 gph

Lakes/Ponds Control of Algae, Colorants, etc.

Lavender Tropical Water Lilies

Lemon-White Flowered Night Bloomer

Lighted Ring Fountain Display Kit

Little Giant Fountains

Little Giant Pumps 170 to 10500 gph

Live Aquarium Fish Foods

Live Aquarium Plants

Live Fish Foods

Lotus and Water Lily Collection

Maintaining Clear Water in Aquariums

Maintaining Water Quality in Winter

Miscellaneous Aquarium Supplies - Thermometers, etc - Free Shipping

Mosquito Control

Nets for Fish and other Aquatic Life

Night Blooming Water Lilies

Omega One Fish Food - FREE Shipping

Oxygenating Pond Plants

Peach Flowered Hardy Lilies

Pet Deterrent Pond Items: Raccoons, etc.

Pink Flowered Hardy Lilies

Pink Flowered Night Bloomers

Pink Tropical Water Lilies

Pond Colorants, Algae Book

Pond Heater and Winter Blend - Free Shipping

Pondmaster Fountains

PondMax Pond Vacuum

Pool Filters

Pool Filters, Skimmers, Filter Material, Waterfalls, Vacuums

Pool Liners, Waterfalls, Watercourses, Preformed Pools

Praefecta Pond Pumps 35 to 2400 gph

Prefilters - Keeps the Pumps from Clogging/Replacement Filters

Pressure/Foamless Out of Pool Filters

Preview Tricker 2019 Catalog On-Line

Products for Biological Control of Algae

Products for FAST Algae Control

Protective Liner Underlayment

Pumps, Fountains, Lighting, Aeration, Statues, Tubing

Purple Tropical Water Lilies

Pygmy Hardy Lilies

Pygmy Tropical Water Lilies

Red Flowered Hardy Lilies

Red Flowered Night Bloomers

Red Shades of Tropical Water Lilies

Remove Algae Manually

Retail Store Hours

ScareCrow® - Automatic Outdoor Animal Deterrent

Scavengers : Tadpoles and Snails

Semi-Dwarf and Dwarf Lotus

Shallow Water and Bog Collections

Shallow Water and Bog Plants

Shimmering Bubbles - Wands, Air Stones, Diffusers - Free Shipping

Skimmer Filter, Geyser Fountain, Lighting

Snowflakes - Aquatic Marvels

Solar Power Efficient Mini-Egglights


Spring and Fall Fish Food

Stone Colored Poly Resin Statues

Sunburst Goldfish Video

Sure Start for ALL Filters!

Tadpole Food


Testing Kits and Adjusting for pH, Ammonia, and Chlorine

Treating Aquarium Water - Ammonia, incorrect pH, etc.

Trial Video

Tricker 1920's Gloriosa Water Lily

Tricker Videos

Tricker Water Gardening Books

Tricker Wholesale

Tricker's Aquarium Store and Supplies

Tricker's Brand Aquarium Fish Food - Cost Savings - Free Shipping

Tricker's Fancy Goldfish

Tricker's Planting Instructions

Tricker's Tubs with Plant Shelves

Trickers Information

Trickerís Economical Cartridges, Many Brand Names

Trickerís Pond Fish

Tropical Shallow Water and Bog Plants

Tropical Water Lilies

Tub Water Gardens

Tubing, Pump Accessories, Thermometers

Turtle Food

U V Sterilizers and Clarifiers

Ultra Clear Koi Clay also for Goldfish

UltraClear Aquarium Kit - the BEST!

Underwater Lights

UV Clarifier - Pondmaster

UV Sterlizer - Emperor Aquatics

Vallisneria in a River

Victoria and Euryale

Water Garden Pests: Mosquitos, Raccoons, Herons, etc.

Water Garden Pool Skimmers

Water Quality - Clear Water Products


Waterlily HONEY

Weekend Fish Food - 3 to 7 Days - Free Shipping

Weekly Specials

White Flowered Hardy Lilies

White Flowered Night Bloomers

White Flowered Tropical Water Lilies

Winter Preparation - Pond Heaters or Deicers

WOW! See Tricker's Baby Fish Video's


Yellow Flowered Hardy Lilies

Yellow Flowered Tropical Lilies

Online Store Products

2 Inch Square Samples of Filter Materials (Green,Tan,Black)

JW Fusion Air Pump Model 200 (up to 20 gallons)

JW Fusion Air Pump Model 300 (up to 30 gallons)

JW Fusion Air Pump Model 400 (up to 40 gallons)

JW Fusion Air Pump Model 500 (up to 60 gallons)

JW Fusion Air Pump Model 600 (up to 75 gallons)

JW Fusion Air Pump Model 700 (up to 110 gallons)

10 Gallon - Marina Style Deluxe Aquarium Kit

1925 Water Lily Collection - 3 Water Lilies

1930s Aquarium/Water Garden Terrarium Stand no Side Shelves

1930s Aquarium/Water Garden Terrarium Stand with Side Shelve

20 Gallon - Marina Style Deluxe Aquarium Kit

24 Hours Day and Night Duo + Free Night Blooming Water Lily

24 Hours of Blooms - 3 Lilies

2E-38N Little Giant Pump - 300 gph

A. Seibert - Water Lily

AB Cutrine-Plus - Chemical Control of Algae

Acryl 60 - Liquid Binder

Additional Lens Kit for Pond Glow Light

Adjustable Pouring Bamboo Fountain with Pump

Afterglow - Tropical Water Lily

AirWhist 100 Aquarium Air Pump

AirWhist 600 Aquarium Air Pump

AirWhist 700 Aquarium Air Pump

Albert Greenburg - Tropical Water Lily

Algae Removal Kit

Alice Tricker - Tricker Water Lily Hybrid

Amazonum - Night Blooming Lily

American Beauty - Water Lily

American Lotus

American Water Plantain

Ammonia Test Kit


AMT - Aquatic Mineral Transport

Anacharis - Best Oxygenating Plant

Andreana - Hardy Pygmy Lily

Antares - Night Blooming Lily

Aponogeton Boivinianus

Aponogeton Crispus


Aquarium ''T'' Valve

Aquarium 4 Plastic Wonder Plants - Multipack 103

Aquarium 5 Plastic Wonder Plants - Multipack 102

Aquarium 5 Plastic Wonder Plants with Air Diffusers - Multipack 105

Aquarium Ammonia Ease

Aquarium Ammonia Test Kit

Aquarium Aqua-Prazi

Aquarium Aquatic pH Testing Kit

Aquarium Aquatic Root Tabs - Fertilizer

Aquarium Background

Aquarium Bubble Air Stone

Aquarium Corner Filters

Aquarium Fluorescent Lamps

Aquarium Gang Valve - 4 Way Air Control Valve

Aquarium Gravel

Aquarium Nets

Aquarium Nox-Ich - Classic Ich Remedy

Aquarium Plastic Plants - Fushia Fern 12"

Aquarium Plastic Plants - Magenta Tulips 6"

Aquarium Plastic Plants - Orange Pom Pom Plant 9"

Aquarium PraziPro

Aquarium Premium Grade Filter Carbon

Aquarium Replacement Aeration Stone - 1 inch cube

Aquarium Replacement Air Stone - 11-1/2'' Long

Aquarium Scrubber Pads

Aquarium Siphon Cleaning Tube

Aquarium UltraClear Dechlorinator 4 oz

Aquarium Vitaline Fish Food

Aquarium Vitaline-Plus Fish Food

Aquarium Wooden Air Diffuser

Aquarium Zeolite - Ammonia Remover

Aquatic pH Testing Kit

Aquatic Red Flowered Australia Canna

AquaTough Pond Liner with J-Tear Protection: 10 Foot Wide X Length Desired

AquaTough Pond Liner with J-Tear Protection: 15 Foot Wide X Length Desired

AquaTough Pond Liner with J-Tear Protection: 20 Foot Wide X Length Desired

AquaTough Pond Liner with J-Tear Protection: 25 Foot Wide X Length Desired

AquaTough Pond Liner with J-Tear Protection: 30 Foot Wide X Length Desired

AquaTough Pond Liner with J-Tear Protection: 40 Foot Wide X Length Desired

AquaTough with J-Tear Protection Pond Liners Shipped by Truck with Shipping Quote

Arc-en-Ciel - Hardy Water Lily

Arctic Blend - Winter Water Quality

Arrow Arum

Asiatic Lotus

Astraea Tropical Water Lily

Attraction - Hardy Water Lily

August Koch - Tropical Water Lily

Aurora - Hardy Pygmy Lily

Australia - Hardy Water Lily


Baby Tears


Bagdad - Tropical Water Lily

Beginning Water Garden Collection

Bellagio - Tricker Hardy Lotus Hybrid

Bio Max Filter Media

Bio-Sponge Filters

Biomatrix Media-Biological Filter Media

Black Coarse Filter Material - Per Foot

Black Magic Taro

Black Prince - Water Lily

Black Ramshorn Snails

Black Telescope Moor

Black Water Garden Foam

Blue Beauty - Tricker Water Lily Hybrid

Blue Bird - Tricker Water Lily Hybrid

Blue Gigantea - Tropical Water Lily

Blue Iris - True Aquatic

Blue Ribbon Special - 5 Water Lilies

Blue Ridge Cool Water Wheat Germ

Blue Ridge Fish Food

Blue Sapphire - Tricker Hybrid

Blue Standard Aquarium Airline Tubing

Blue Star - Tropical Water Lily

Blue Top Castle

Blue, Blue and More Blue Collection: 3 Pygmy Lilies

Bob Trickett - Tropical Water Lily


Borneo Fern

Botswana Wonder

Bouquet of Fragrance Collection - 3 Tropical Water Lilies

Brazilian Pennywort

Bubble Wands

Bulk Classic Aquarium Filter Floss

Burgundy Princess - Hardy Pygmy Water Lily

Cabomba - Oxygenating Plant

Caerulea - Blue Lotus of the Nile

Calico Fantails

Calico Orandas Goldfish

Calico Shubunkins


Cardinal Flower - True Aquatic


Castle Ruins - Aquarium Decoration

Celestial Goldfish

Centerpiece Collection - 8 Shallow Water Plants

Chalong Kwan - Tropical Water Lily

Charlene Strawn - Hardy Water Lily

Charles Tricker - Tricker Night Blooming Hybrid

Check Valve for Airline Tubing

Check Valve for Airline Tubing

Checking On Your Order?

Chicago Harlequin Taro

Chinese Water Chestnut

Chlorine Filter Hose Attachment

Chromatella- Hardy Water Lily

Clams or Fresh Water Mussels

Classic Aquarium Ammonia Filter Pads

Classic Aquarium Carbon Filter Pads

Classic Aquarium Hoods

Classic Aquarium Nitrate Filter Pads

Classic Aquarium Phosphate Filter Pads

Classic Aquarium Polyfiber Filter Pads

Clear Pond Collection 3 - Barley Straw, Phos-X , Pond Peat

Clear Pond Collections - Ultra Clear/Sludge Digester/SST

Clear Standard Aquarium Airline Tubing

Clear Vinyl Rubber Tubing

Clear Water/Algae: Ultra Clear and UltraClear Oxy Collections

Cleveland - Tricker Water Lily Hybrid

Colonel Lindberg - Tricker Water Lily Hybrid

Colorata - Pygmy Lily

Comanche - Hardy Water Lily

Combination: Pond Heater and Winter Blend - FREE SHIPPING

Common Cat-Tail

Common Sweet Flag

Complete Aquatic Collection A-2

Complete Aquatic Collection A-3

Complete Aquatic Plant Collection A-1

Complete Pond Master Test Kit

Conqueror - Hardy Water Lily

Corkscrew Vallisneria

Crown Jewel Collection - 3 Hardy Lilies

Dainty Duo Collection: Aurora and Yellow Pygmy

Daphnia - Live Fish Food

Dauben - Pygmy Lily

Deck Pond Plant Collection

Deck Pond with Waterfall

Deer Scarer Bamboo Fountain with Pump

Delicatissima - Tricker Night Blooming Hybrid

Detective Ericka

Director George T. Moore - Water Lily

Double Arrowhead

Double Lotus Collection - 2 Lotus

Dried Duckweed

Dried Duckweed Fish Food - Aquarium


Duet of Fragrance - 2 Water Lilies

Dwarf 'Red Stemmed' Parrot Feather

Dwarf Bamboo

Dwarf Catkin Cat-Tail

Dwarf Giant Papyrus

Dwarf Jade Taro

Dwarf Papyrus

Dwarf Parrot Feather

Dwarf Silver Taro

Dwarf Sweet Flag

Dwarf Umbrella Palm

Economical Floating and Oxygenating Collections

Economical Floating Plant Collections

Economical Oxygenating Plant Collections

Economical Snail Collections

Egyptian Lotus

Eldorado - Tropical Water Lily

Ellisiana - Hardy Water Lily

Emily Grant Hutchings - Night Blooming Water Lily

Emperor Aquatics UV Quartz Sleeves

Emperor Spare UV Bulb Replacements

Empress - Hardy Lotus

Enchantment - Water Lily

Eugenia de Land

Euryale - Gorgon Plant

Evelyn Randig - Water Lily

Exotic Trio - Collection: 3 Pygmy Lilies

Exquisite Mixed Duet - 2 Lilies

Fancy American Fantails

Fertilizer Planting Collection 1

Fertilizer Planting Collection 2

Filter Pad for Powerfalls, etc.

Filtration and Fountain Kit 1250

Filtration and Fountain Kit 1350

Filtration and Fountain Kit 1500

Filtration and Fountain Kit 1700

Filtration and Fountain Kit 190

Filtration System 1000

Filtration System 2000

Filtration System 500

Fire Opal - Hardy Water Lily

Firecrest - Tricker Hardy Water Lily Hybrid

Fish and Scavengers A-1 Collection

Fish and Scavengers A-2 Collection

Fish and Scavengers A-3 Collection

Fish Feeding Ring

Floating Ducks

Floating Fern

Floating Heart

Floating Leaf Flower

Fluorescent Starters

Fluval M Submersible Aquarium Heater

Fogger for Water Garden Displays

Francis B. Griffith - Water Lily

Frank Trelease - Night Blooming Lily

Free Aquatic Plant

FREE Live Aquarium Plant

Free Shipping. 100 Watt Pond Heaters (Improved 3.0) Thermo Pond

Free Shipping. Laguna 315 Watt Pond Heater

Free Shipping. Laguna 500 Watt Pond Heater

Free Shipping. Pond Net Covering 28 feet x 45 feet

FREE SHIPPING: 1101 Water Gardening Questions and Answers

FREE SHIPPING: Praefecta Pond Pump 1800 gph

FREE SHIPPING: Praefecta Pond Pump 250 gph

FREE SHIPPING: Hy-Drive Pond Pump 6100 gph

FREE SHIPPING: Hy-Drive Pond Pump 7600 gph

FREE SHIPPING: Max-Flo 1350 Pump

FREE SHIPPING: Max-Flo 2000 Pump

FREE SHIPPING: Max-Flo 2400 Pump


FREE SHIPPING: Max-Flo 4280 Pump

FREE SHIPPING: Max-Flo 600 Pump

FREE SHIPPING: Max-Flo 960 Pump

Free Shipping: Pond Net Covering - 28 feet by 28 feet

Free Shipping: Pond Net Covering 14 feet by 14 feet

Free Shipping: Pondmaster 120 Watt Pond Deicer

FREE SHIPPING: Praefecta Pond Pump 1200 gph

FREE SHIPPING: Praefecta Pond Pump 2400 gph

FREE SHIPPING: Praefecta Pond Pump 350 gph

FREE SHIPPING: Praefecta Pond Pump 500 gph

FREE SHIPPING: Praefecta Pond Pump 700 gph

FREE SHIPPING: Praefecta Pond Pump 950 gph

FREE SHIPPING: WGFP-150 Little Giant Pump - 10500 gph

FREE SHIPPING: WGP-65 Little Giant Pump - 1900 gph

FREE SHIPPING: WGP-80 Little Giant Pump - 3500 gph

FREE SHIPPING: WGP-95 Little Giant Pump - 4280 gph

FREE Tricker's Water Garden Catalog

Froebeli - Hardy Water Lily

Frog Tadpoles

Garden Hose Adaptors

Gems of Color - 3 Water Lilies

General MacArthur Trio - 3 Lilies

General Pershing - Water Lily

Giant Arrowhead

Giant Water Snowflake

Gift Certificates

Ginger Filter Cartridges

Gladstone - Hardy Water Lily

Gloriosa - Hardy Water Lily

Glowing Garnet Hardy Water Lily

Glowing Lavender

Golden Fascinator - Tropical Water Lily

Golden Orfe

Golden West Tropical Water Lily

Goldfish Collection 42 Goldfish


Gonnere - Hardy Water Lily

Gorgeous Garden Collection - 5 Hardy Lilies

Graceful Cat-Tail

Grande Collection - 7 Lilies

Graziella - Hardy Water Lily

Green Clean - Immediate Algae Control

Green Fine Filter Material - per Foot

Green Hygrophila - Oxygenating Plant

Green Smoke - Tropical Water Lily

Green Taro

Green-Ease and Grow Supplement - Aquatic Plant Fertilizer

Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter

Hal Miller - Hardy Water Lily

Hardy 10 Shallow Water Aquatic Plant Collection

Hardy Calla

Hardy Thalia

Henry Shaw - Tropical Water Lily

Hollandia - Hardy Water Lily


Imperial Taro

Independence - Tricker Water Lily Hybrid

Innurco - Sinking Aquarium Fish Food - 1 Pint

Innurco - Tricker's Fish Food

Integra Pond Liner: 15 Foot Wide X Length Desired

Isabelle Pring - Tropical Water Lily

Islamorada - Water Lily

Jack Wood - Water Lily

James Brydon - Hardy Water Lily

Jamie Lu Skare - Tropical Water Lily

Janice - Tricker Water Lily Hybrid

Japanese Koi

Japanese Six Dwarf Shallow Water Garden Collection

Java Fern

Joseph Bory Latour-Marliac Memorial - 4 Hardy Lilies

Josephine - Pygmy Lily

Joshua Plant

Judge Hitchcock - Water Lily

Jungle Vallisneria - Oxygenating Plant

Juno - Night Blooming Lily

Kills Mosquitoes - Mosquito Dunks or Bits

King of Blues - Tropical Water Lily

Kneeling Angel with Spout

Koi Kastle

Laguna Barley Straw Pellets - BEST Biological

Laguna Filter Falls

Laguna Phos-X - Clear Water Product

Laguna Pond Aeration Kit - Winter, Spring, Fall, Summer

Laguna Pond Peat - Clear Water Product

Laguna Replacement Impellers

Laguna Replacement PowerJet Pump Foam Filters

Laguna Skimmer Filter

Laguna Skimmer/Filter Stone-Like Lid

Large 60 Collection - Oxygenating/Floating

Large Air Pump Kit

Large Fish Net

Large Planting Tub

Large Pond Kit (2500-5000 gallons)

Large Prevention and Treatment Medication

Large Pump Sock for Pumps

Large Round Crate

Large Square Crate with Handles and Lifting Slots

Large Total Fish Food Diet Collection

Lead Weights for Aquarium Plants

LED Ring and Fountain Display Kit

Lemon-Yellow Goldfish

Leopardess - Tropical Water Lily

Little Giant UV Replacement Bulbs

Live Bearing Trapdoor Snails

Live Duckweed

Lizard's Tail

Lotus and Water Lily Collection - Cost Savings

Lucky Floating Buddha

Ludwigia - Oxygenating Plant

Lustrous - Hardy Water Lily

Magnetic Water Clarifer

Mangkala Ubol - Hardy Water Lily

Marbled Water Fringe

Margaret Randig - Tropical Water Lily

Marina LCD Digital Aquarium Thermometer

Marliac Flesh - Hardy Water Lily

Marliac Rose - Hardy Water Lily

Marliac White - Hardy Water Lily

Marmorata - Tropical Water Lily

Marsh Marigold

Masaniello - Hardy Water Lily

Masterpiece Trio - 3 Hardy Lilies

Mayla - Hardy Water Lily

Mechanical Filter Box for Little Giant PE-1F or PES-700

Mechanical Pump Filter for WGP60, WGP70 or WGP90

Medium 30 Collection - Oxygenating/Floating

Medium Air Pump Kit

Medium Planting Tub

Medium Pond Kit (1000-2500 gallons)

Medium Prevention and Treatment Medication

Medium Square Crate

Melafix - Natural Antibacterial Fish Remedy

Melafix 16 oz - Natural Antibacterial Fish Remedy - Aquariums

Melantho Snails

Mellon Swords

Midnight - Water Lily

Mini Pre-Formed Kidney Shaped Water Garden Pool

Mini Six Collection - Oxygenating/Floating

Missouri - Night Blooming Lily

Momo Botan - Semi-Dwarf Lotus

Moneywort - Oxygenating Plant

Montana Snowflake

Moonlight Pair - 2 Water Lilies

Morning Glory - Tricker Hardy Water Lily Hybrid

Mottled Trio Leaf Collection - 3 Tropical Water Lilies

Mr. Martin Randig - Water Lily

Mrs Woodrow Wilson - Tricker Award Winning Water Lily Hybrid

Mrs. C. W. Ward - Tricker Water Lily Hybrid

Mrs. Edwards Whitaker Tropical Water Lily

Mrs. George Hitchcock - Night Blooming Lily

Mrs. George Pring - Water Lily

Mrs. Martin Randig - Water Lily

Mrs. Perry Slocum - Hardy Lotus

Mrs. Robert Sawyer - Tricker Water Lily Hybrid

Multi-Hose Adaptors

Mystery Snails

Neptune's Crown - Floating Plant

New Pickerel Rush

New Red Lotus

New York-New Jersey Quartet - 4 Lilies

New Zealand Water Snowflake

Night and Day Trio - 3 Water Lilies

Night Blooming Duo Special

Nitra-Zorb - Removes Ammonia, Nitrite and Nitrate

No. 1 Economical Preformed Pool

No. 2 Economical Preformed Pool

No. 3 Economical Preformed Pool

Noelene - Tropical Water Lily

Non-Kink Water Garden Tubing

Nox-Ich - Classic Ich Remedy

Nutrafin Basix 7 Day Fish Feeder

Ohio State University Duet - 2 Hardy Lilies

Omega One Betta Buffet Fish Food

Omega One Cichlid Flake Fish Food

Omega One First Flake Fish Food

Omega One Fresh Water Flake

Omega One Goldfish Flake

Omega One Goldfish Pellets - Fish Food

Omega One Koi Sticks - Fish Food

Omega One Pond Sticks - Fish Food

Omega One Shrimp Pellets

Omega One Veggie Flake Fish Food

Omega One Wheat Germ Sticks - Spring/Fall Fish Food

Optional Fogger Float

Orange Water Snowflake

Ovation Submersible Power Jet Filter

Pamela Tropical Water Lily

Panama Pacific - Tricker Water Lily Hybrid


Pastel Shades of Beauty - 3 Lilies

Patch/Seam Tape per Foot

Patricia - Tricker Pygmy Lily Hybrid

Paul Hariot - Hardy Water Lily

Pea Gravel Cover

Peach Blow

Pearl Scales Goldfish

Pennsylvania - Tropical Water Lily

Persian Lilac - Water Lily

Phytosanitary Cerificate - Export Permit

Pickerel Rush

Pimafix - Natural Fungus and Antibacterial Fish Remedy

Pink Halo - Tricker Hybrid Water Lily

Pink Opal - Hardy Water Lily

Pink Pearl - Water Lily

Pink Perfection - Water Lily

Pink Platter - Water Lily

Pink Sapphire - Tricker Hybrid

Pink Sensation - Hardy Water Lily

Pink Star - Water Lily

Poly 1/2 Wine Barrel Tub Garden

Pond Buffer - Target-Ease 7.5

Pond Glow Underwater Light Kit

Pond Net

Pond Skimmer Net

Pond Thermometer

Pondmaster - Adjustable Bell Fountain Kit

Pondmaster - Adjustable Fountain Kit

Pondmaster Replacement Filter Media for Fountain Kits

Pondmaster-Aquabelle Adjustable Mini Bell Fountain Kit

PondMax Pond Vacuum

Ponds up to 1000 Gallons: Laguna ClearFlo 1000 Filter Kits

Ponds up to 1000 Gallons: Proline Pressurized Filter System 1000 with UV

Ponds up to 1200 Gal - 9 Watt Little Giant UV Light Clarifier

Ponds up to 1800 Gallons - 20 WATT UV Light Clarifier

Ponds up to 2000 Gallons: Laguna ClearFlo 2000 Filter Kits

Ponds up to 2000 Gallons: Proline Pressurized Filter System 2000 with UV

Ponds up to 3000 Gallons - 40 WATT UV Light Clarifier

Ponds up to 3000 Gallons: Laguna ClearFlo 3000 Filter Kits

Ponds up to 4000 Gallons: Laguna ClearFlo 4000 Filter Kits

Ponds up to 4000 Gallons: Proline Pressurized Filter System 4000 with UV

Ponds up to 5900 Gallons - Emperor 80 Watt UV Sterilizer

Ponds up to 700 Gallons - 10 WATT UV Light Clarifier

Pouring 3-Tier Bamboo Fountain

PowerGlo Mini LED Submersible Lights

PowerJet Kit 100

PowerJet Kit 1500

PowerJet Kit 200

Powerjet Kit 2000

PowerJet Kit 2400

PowerJet Kit 2900

PowerJet Kit 600

Praefecta - Aquatic Fertilizer

Praefecta Pond Pump 140 gph

Praefecta Pond Pump 190 gph

Praefecta Pond Pump 35 gph

Praefecta Pond Pump 65 gph

Praefecta Pond Pump 80 gph


Primrose Creeper

Proline 5000 Pond Skimmer

Proline Pro 1000 Filter and Falls

Proline Pro 2000 Filter and Falls

Proline Pro 3000 Filter and Falls

Proline Pro 5000 Filter and Falls

Protective Pond Liner Underlayment

PT 305 Pump

Purple Joy Water Lily

Purple Perfume Water Lily - Tricker Hybrid

Purple Starburst Water Lily - Tricker Hybrid

Purple Tigress - Tricker Hybird

Purple Water Hyacinnth

Quality Trio - 3 Hardy Lilies


Rain Lily

Rainbow Collection - 5 Water Lilies

Rainbow Water Celery

Red Aquatic Variegated Canna

Red Flare - Night Blooming Lily

Red Hygrophila - Oxygenating Plant

Red Rotala

Red Star - Water Lily

Red Stem Taro

Red White and Blue Collection - 3 Tropical Water Lilies

Reducing Union

Replacement Aeration Accessories Kit - 1-3/4" x 1-3/4" Air Stone

Replacement Aeration Stone - 1 inch cube

Replacement Air Stone - 11-1/2'' Long

Replacement Blue Lens for Mini Pond Lights

Replacement Bulb for Little Giant Pond Glow Light

Replacement Bulbs for Mini Pond Lights

Replacement Filter Pads for Little Giant Mechanical Filter

Replacement Filters for Filtration System 1000

Replacement Filters for Filtration System 2000

Replacement Filters for Filtration System 500

Replacement Laguna Coarse Mechanical/Biological Filter Pads

Replacement Laguna Fine Filter - for Skimmer/Filter Falls

Replacement Laguna Medium Mechanical/Biological Filter Pad

Replacement Red Lens for Mini Pond Lights

Replacement Yellow Lens for Mini Pond Lights

Richardsonii - Hardy Water Lily

Rio Rita - Water Lily

Roll of Black Coarse Filter Material - 24 Feet

Roll of Green Fine Filter Material - 24 Feet

Roll of Tan Medium Filter Material - 24 Feet

Romance Duet - 2 Water Lilies

Rose Arey - Hardy Water Lily

Rose Marie - Tricker Water Lily Hybrid

Royal Purple - Tricker Pygmy Lily Hybrid

Ruby Eye Arrowhead

Ruby Taro

Ruffled Water Lettuce

Sacred Lotus Collection - 2 Lotus

Sagittaria - Oxygenating Plant

Sagittaria spp.

SALE Combination: Melafix and Pimafix



Sapphire Collection

Satellite Plus PRO LED Freshwater Aquarium Lights by Current USA

Scarecrow Solar Action Owl

Select Premium Koi

Shirley-Ann - Tricker Water Lily Hybrid

Shiroman - Hardy Lotus

Siam Purple

Sioux - Hardy Pygmy Lily

Sir Galahad - Night Blooming Lily

Sitting Angel with Vase Spout

Skilter 250 Power Filter - Up to 55 gallons

Skilter 400 Power Filter - Up to 100 gallons

SkimAway Filter - Pump, Geyser, Lights

SkimAway Replacement Filter - Coarse

SkimAway Replacement Filter - Fine

Small 14 Collection - Oxygenating/Floating

Small Betta Keeper

Small Prevention and Treatment Medication

Small Pump Sock for Pumps

Small Round Crate

Small Sunken Galleon Ship

Small Total Fish Food Diet Collection

Snow White Water Lily - Tricker Hybrid

Soil and Plant Protector from Fish

Solar Power Efficient Mini-Egglights

Special: Pond Net Covering 14 feet Wide by Desired Length in Feet

Spider Lily

Spike Rush


Spiral Palm

Splendida - Hardy Water Lily

Spray Away

St Louis - Tropical Water Lily

St. Louis Gold - Pygmy Lily

Standing Order Daphnia and Duckweed - Live Fish Food

Store Hours

Straight Connector

Sturtevant - Night Blooming Lily

Sulphurea - Hardy Water Lily

Sultan - Hardy Water Lily

Summer Color Trio - 3 Water Lilies

Sumptuosa - Hardy Water Lily

Sunrise - Hardy Water Lily

Sure Start/Filter Start - For All Pond Filters

Surprise Collection - 3 Hardy Lilies

Sweet Galingale

Symphony of Colors - 4 Hardy Water Lilies


Table Top Pump

Tadpole Food - 45 Grams

Tan Medium Filter Material - Per Foot

Ted Uber - Water Lily

Tetra Replacement Quartz Sleeves


Thrift Duet - 2 Hardy Lilies

Thrift Trio - 3 Lilies

Tina - Tropical Water Lily

Toad Tadpoles

Trail Blazer - Tropical Water Lily

Tricker Catalog shipped to Canada

Tricker Planting Instructions or Directions

Tricker Undergravel Disposable Carbon Cartridges

Tricker Undergravel Disposable Zeolite Cartridges

Tricker Wholesale Form

Tricker's Aquarium Flake Fish Food

Tricker's Aquarium Floating Fish Food

Tricker's Dried Shrimp Meal

Tricker's Dried Shrimp Meal for Aquariums

Tricker's Duet - 2 Hardy Lilies

Tricker's Economical Cartridges

Tricker's Economical Water Garden Tub - Black

Tricker's Flake Fish Food

Tricker's Floating Fish Food

Tricker's Honey

Tricker's Large Tub with or without Plants

Tricker's Mail Order Special - 2 Lilies

Tricker's Mini Red Lotus - Dwarf

Tricker's Preformed Meadow Pool

Tricker's Protect-Ease

Tricker's Small Tub with or without Plants

Tricker's Special 10 Collection

Tricker's Turks Island Sea Salt

Tricker's Water Gardening Book - An Introduction and Guide

Tricker's Wound-Ease

Trickeri - Tricker Night Blooming Hybrid

Trico - Aquatic Fertilizer Pellets

Trico Plant Feeder

Triple Cascade Water Feature

Tropical 10 Shallow Water Aquatic Plant Collection

Tropical Thalia

Tub Plant Collections

Tubing Clamps

Tulip Lotus - Semi-Dwarf

Ultra Clear Clarifier- Biological

Ultra Clear - Spring/Fall Fish Food

Ultra Clear Barley Straw Pellets - BEST Biological

Ultra Clear Black - 1 Quart

Ultra Clear Blue - 1 Quart

Ultra Clear Dechlorinator: Conditions and Detoxifies Water

Ultra Clear Defoamer

Ultra Clear Earthworm Flake Fish Food

Ultra Clear Flocculent

Ultra Clear Freshwater Complete for Aquariums - 12 oz

Ultra Clear Muck Digester

Ultra Clear Muck Digester - 300 Tablets Canadian Customers

Ultra Clear Pond Colorant

Ultra Clear Potassium Permanganate Solution

Ultra Clear Sludge Digester - Biological

Ultra Clear SST - Biological

Ultra Clear Winter Blend - Winter Water Quality

UltraClear Aquarium Kit - The BEST

UltraClear Koi Clay also for Goldfish

UltraClear pH Higher

UltraClear pH Lower

UltraClear Premium Koi and Goldfish Food


Umbrella Palm

University of Michigan Duet - 2 Water Lilies

Vallisneria - Oxygenating Plant

Variegated Canna

Variegated Cat-Tail

Variegated Four Leaf Clover

Variegated Glyceria

Variegated Radicans

Variegated Sweet Flag

Variegated Water Lettuce

Variegated Water Snowflake

Variegated Yellow Taro

Velvet Leaf

Vesuve (Vesuvius)

Victoria - Spectacular Lily

Victoria and Euryale Collection

Video 5 Oxygenating Plants Collection

Violet Stem Taro

Virginalis - Hardy Water Lily

Vitaline - Tricker's Fish Food

Vitaline Plus - Tricker Fish Food

Wanvisa - Hardy Water Lily

Water Cress

Water Forget-Me-Not

Water Garden Bulkhead Fitting

Water Hawthorn

Water Hornwort - Oxygenating Plant

Water Hyacinth

Water Lettuce

Water Pennywort

Water Plug - Stops Leaks

Water Poppy

Water Restrictor Clamp

Water Sensitivity Plant

Water Snowflake

Water Sprite

Water Weeds and Algae Book

Water Wisteria

White Butterfly Lily

White Delight - Water Lily

White Saber Tooth - Night Blooming Lily

Wild Rice

William Falconer - Hardy Water Lily

William Stone - Tricker Water Lily Hybrid

X Large Salvinia


Yellow Dazzler - Tropical Water Lily

Yellow Flowered Snowflake

Yellow Pygmy - Hardy Pygmy Lily

Yellow Water Iris - True Aquatic

Zebra Rush

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