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About Freight Shipments

What is a freight shipment?

First off, be assured that your shipment is insured during transit. What happens during delivery depends on the service. If you have lift-gate service or curbside delivery (see below), then your merchandise is insured until the trucker off-loads the merchandise and sets it on the ground. If you don't have lift-gate service, then you are responsible for off-loading the merchandise and you take possession on the truck. If you damage it while taking it off the truck, then the insurance won't cover the damage. Take photos before you take possession.

A "freight" shipment doesn't go by UPS, FedEx or the like (called "common carrier"). These companies have a limit on the size and weight of the boxes.

When your order is too large or too fragile for UPS, FedEx, etc. then it'll ship via "Freight". Bulk orders might ship freight if it's more economical than shipping several packages.

A freight shipment can arrive by an 18-wheeler semi truck or a 40-ft truck. A gated community may not allow semi trucks to get to your home. You'll have to let us or the shipper know when you order so that we can make arrangements to deliver your goods with an acceptable truck.

Unloading with a lift-gate in residential area.

All residential deliveries will have a lift-gate. A "lift-gate" is the elevator at the back of the truck. It lowers your crate or pallet to the ground. It's about 4-feet from the truck bed to the ground. This is also referred to as "curbside" delivery because the trucker is not required to move the merchandise beyond the curb. They are not to leave it in the street.

Some truckers carry a pallet jack to move your crate beyond the back of the truck. We always request this but cannot promise it as it is not a service the trucking company offers. The driver may or may not have a pallet jack. You can rent a pallet jack for the day from a local rental center.

A ramp is not good for crates or pallets because the goods can easily topple over crashing to the ground.

Thus, "freight" shipments are all about scheduling so that the truck making your delivery is properly equipped. We are dedicated to a smooth delivery of your freight items.