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AquaTough J-Tear

AquaTough Pond Liner. A revolutionary 45 mil thick pond liner manufactured in the US by Carlisle Syn Tech. that has an unmatched J-Tear Protection. And, along with this feature a limited Lifetime Warranty. This J-Tear feature is VERY important in the installation process. When cutting the liner, as done in most installations for size dimensions, water features, pipe attachment, etc., this is the ONLY liner that has J-Tear Protection. Purchase the BEST!
What is J_Tear Protection? This means that when cut, unlike other competitor liners, the cut will not tear in a long line but, if tears, will tear in the direction of the cut for a short distance and then it will change direction and attempt to curve back on itself. A lot said, but it takes the worry out of the liner tearing around a water feature, etc. and leaking. Watch the video on the J-Protective Test.

1. A cut or tear in the liner.

2. No J-Tear Protection.

3. J-Tear Protection with Carlisle Liner.

AquaTough Pond Liner with the J-Tear Protection. Used in water gardens and pond applications which is compatible with aquatic life. Excellent for waterfalls, streams, fountain displays, etc. It has surburb elongation, lay flat characteristics, excellent low temperature impact resistance, exceptional resistance to solar UV, ozone, and oxidation.
Estimating Your Pool Liner Size. Measure the length (ft) and width (ft) of the pool desired. Add twice the pool's depth to each dimension plus an allowance of 1 foot for overlap at the edges. For example, a 5 x 10 foot, 2 foot deep pool requires a liner whose width is 5 + 4 (twice the depth) + 1 = 10 feet and whose length is 10 + 4 + 1 = 15. Thus a pool liner of 10 x 15 is required in this example. If you are in doubt, please call, we will help you with your calculations.